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A Tough 9 days!

February 6th, 2012

The last 10 days or so have been really tough. I’ve had a few blank days. Any day I fished Little Pine Lagoon or penstock in the hope of a big dun hatch it didn’t really happen, and if it did the fish didn’t respond. Some weeks are like that. The lakes are warm and most of the fish in the Western Lakes are not active. A cold and wet snap during the week didn’t seem to change much out there. We had another 25mm of rain in Miena last night and even more out at the Western Lakes so maybe now the fish will move.  Hopefully the bad spell is over. Either way I’m heading west for a few days to check out some more of Tassie and fish Lake Burbury and whatever else is over there. I’ll bring the 8 weight too in case there’s any saltfly opportunity.

Hair (Tasmanian Tailers, Tasmanian Western Lakes 1 and 2 and more from the SLTV series) is back in Miena with Bronwyn and their son Oliva. We caught up for a fish on the Pine (Little Pine Lagoon) a few days ago and no doubt we’ll have a few more days on the water together.

Australia Day was a great one! John and Sue had a barbeque and some of us pushed through into the wee hours listening to Frank Zappa. Sorry Sue for keeping  you awake!!

That’s about it! Have a good week everyone..


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