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Season so far..

Hello all.. Ronan here. I’ll be on the blog for the next few months along with Paul. Were at Chris Dore’s  place at the moment, the weather has been pretty crap so we’ve been using the time wisely. Paul and I (mainly Paul but I’m learning!) have been editing the footage collected from 4 camera’s over 4 days in fjordland. It took longer than expected but we have 3 great shows coming up on sexyloops tv so get ready for them!

I spent the first month of the NZ season fishing with my Dad.. great fun and we had alot of fish. Also targeted some  big fish with good success.

I’l be fishing with paul for the next 4 months in NZ, Tasmania, maybe Thailand and as much else as I can afford!

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  1. John O’Malley
    December 14th, 2009 at 16:55 | #1

    great stuff ronan… I am bitter.. loving the toilet in the field. No need for cat holes any more…!!

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