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Sexyloops is the largest flyfishing site anywhere in the world with well over 5000 pages. We host the most extensive and up-to-date flycasting information. The front page changes seven days/week, 365 days year, is delivered from the UK, Spain, USA, Denmark, Canada, Hungary, New Zealand and has a truly world wide readership in excess of 200,000 readers per month.

“Where else am I going to go to learn things I didn't know about fly casting? I know of nowhere else that so many talented casters get together to discuss casting and gear.”
Bruce Richards

Often irreverent, always ready fish new waters and completely independent, with both its world-wide contributor base and audience, you will not find a more International fly fishing publication. Sexyloops is THE place to launch new products with both its dedicated fly fishing readership and its hardcore instructor base.

"What I like best about Sexyloops is that it's a professional forum for hard core fly casters and anglers. You can always count on it for sound information, interesting opinions and a lot of fun besides. When I want to know what the world is thinking about a given issue within performance casting, Sexyloops is always the first place I turn."
Marc Bale, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Sage Manufacturing

Get your message out to the people who count; instructors, guides, the competitive casters, writers and anglers. Sexyloops is the site that brings it all together.

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