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Sights & Sounds

Monday, 26 February 2024

Nor rural sights alone, but rural sounds, exhilarate the spirit, and restore the tone of languid nature.

-William Cowper

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Jungle Bashing

Tuesday, 27 February 2024

I’ve been slowly upgrading my Malaysian truck, with the plan to car-top the Rocket C to Thailand (as we used to do back in the day, with Squeaker), as well as to explore off-road tracks around Malaysia, looking for Mahseer. The owner of Red Springs 4x4 had an interesting idea of offering off-road fly fishing trips. True, he was trying to sell me a roof-top tend at the time as well as a 2 inch vehicle lift with bigger tyres… but it’s an interesting idea!!

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Time to make the move

Wednesday, 28 February 2024

The open day of the season passed without fanfare, by the end of the first week fishing was written off for the foreseeable. The rains that seemed to slide in and settle in March, now seemed content to slum it and stick around for April. Occasionally, some optimistic soul would stop by the little bridge to stare down but catch sight  of a cold cappuccino running high between two slices of muddy bankside, its smooth surface being broken by giant plinks of droplets, tumbling off the leafs from the developing  canopy high above, leaving little circles of ripples to travel down under the bridge out of view. The very idea of a patch of blue in the endless mirky sky, felt like faded memory of a once wonderful dream, just pure fantasy.
By the end of April a few days respite was actually granted by the rain gods, and mischievous rumors of  some golden vision called sunshine were being touted around, the Grannom hatch was passed unnoticed , but the water levels, like the color, were dropping out of the brook and hopes were rising for the fishermen. Then the rains returned and settled in. Evidently now it was raining all over the world and would never stop, and so I started hatching a plan.

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Thursday, 22 February 2024

Spring seems to be arriving here, which has meant the weather has been all over the place. Sunny, cloudy, rain, sleet, temps ranging from High teens and even low twenties Celcius dropping to around freezing the next day. It's made for some challenging fishing and disappointments.

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Cast, cast, cast

Friday, 23 February 2024

As you have might read we have had pretty cold winter so far. I had change to use local horse hall for casting few times, but it has problem which I didn't really think about until last Sunday.

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Busy-busy-busy, priorities and preparations

Saturday, 24 February 2024

It’s late February already, we’ve had some really nice days with low winds, 7-8 degrees C and a very spring-like feel to them. And things are heating fast, literally as well and figuratively speaking. As usual I’m late for the best winter fishing in the salt. My “home waters”, still a good hour’s drive away, have been delivering big, overwintering sea trout almost daily these last few weeks. And soon salmon season opens in Denmark. With that, also brown trout and grayling fishing. And pike fishing. And soon the rag worms are hatching in the salt, sometimes providing frenzy fishing for a week or so.

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Sunday, 25 February 2024

The photo of the day is actually a screen grab of the river Dee height gauge for the last week. Personally, I'd only consider wading in this river when the gauge reads 0.75m or below, and even at that level certain crossing points are out and there's treacherous areas pretty much on all beats (actually I should say more treacherous – the Dee has some challenging wading even when it's at its summer low). So you can see that once again Tracy and I haven't been fishing in the last week as at no point did it drop below my 'worth risking it' threshold. The weather hasn't even been that great for casting either, although I did have a fairly lengthy practice session today.

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Ronan's Report

Getting Jumped!

December and into January… December is a great month to fish. Trout start looking up and responding well to terrestrials. Everyone seems to love dry fly action! There were some nice mayfly hatches too. Usually short and fickle but we made the best of it when it happened. As January arrived many of my local […]

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