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Father's Day

Monday, 17 June 2024

Once a month or so, I have lunch with an old friend that I have known since the second grade. During the course of the conversation, he always asks about my family, and more specifically how my father is doing. Not long ago he confided in me how thankful he was that my father always included him in many of our fishing trips when we were young. His father wasn't much of an outdoors man, and he expressed how grateful he was to have been introduced to the sport by my dad, as it had quite a profound effect on him, and is still something he loves to do, even to this day.

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Finally a Drill!

Tuesday, 18 June 2024

This week’s Masterclass 2 video includes a drill, or possibly an exercise, or most likely a drill that turns into an exercise! Nowadays I think this is the first drill to do when first learning to flycast, but it’s not a bad exercise for anyone looking to tighten up their loops (or learn the underhand/pendulum/inverted loop!).

The other exciting thing about this video is that you can see how fast the sun sets in Malaysia! Blink and you’ll miss it, apart from which, finding your way home again afterwards can be a problem, especially if you don’t know where you are when it happens.

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That big fat Pike in the room is politics.

Wednesday, 19 June 2024

My return to fishing the Nassington road bridge, apart from the mysterious gravel pile, had clear evidence of a lot of changes and improvements, and not by the club members. In my absence they had hired some one in , bought up a lot of Sweet Chestnut stakes in bulk and Hazel coppiced poles for using to make flow deflectors and protect the bank sides where they were eroding.

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We're Not The Same

Thursday, 20 June 2024

This week we finally got a break from rainy season and as I had no other distractions I went out to the river. Normally, we'd be just getting the best of the mulberry hatch now, but as they came early this year they were almost done so I'd missed the best of it with the storms.

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One more time

Friday, 14 June 2024

Somewho late night again, camp fire, some drinks and then sleep. During the night I had visitors around hammock... monitor dragon lizard for sure and then either chipmunks or mouses. I didn't have good sleep, not even decent one.

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Mass collision?

Saturday, 15 June 2024

I hinted at it last weekend and I’ll expand on it here, even if it’s less than enjoyable weekend reading. Not only did we not catch anything - 125 years of salmon fishing experience combined, but in total very few salmon were caught on the Gaula. Sporadic catches throughout the week. All big fish as to be expected in the opening week, but only a few with lice and many caught far up the river which is no surprise the low water levels given. The most productive pool by far, the Gaulfosshøl caught maybe 5 fish the week we were there. That’s the huge pool just below the biggest water fall on the river - a place where even the freshest and strongest salmon hold before moving upstream. That is perhaps the strongest evidence that sonething’s wrong.

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Passing the buck

Sunday, 16 June 2024

This week there have been several news papers articles about water pollution. Many have been reporting about the over 6,000 incidents of English water companies expelling sewage from their plants during 'dry' spells within 2022, which is illegal in the UK. The companies are denying this of course and stating that the readings are a result of faulty monitors, however I'm not sure that they realise that this is worse. Faulty monitors, reporting incorrectly for a whole year, indicates their lack of concern about checking our water systems – if that is the real reason and not just an excuse by the companies. When I looked at the map of England as to where these incidents were located, I was concerned to note that many were on the Welsh-English border, and I wondered how the Welsh water authority had to deal with these incidents. Whereas the English water companies are profit led, Welsh Water is not. That said, they still have a poor record of pollution and many of the Welsh water systems are also as polluted as the English ones.

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Ronan's Report

Off to Fjordland..

There’s something very special about getting into some of New Zealand’s most wild and beautiful places. In late March myself and Chuan did just that. We had a couple of days. Day 1 was very sunny but with a brutal downstream wind which certainly cost us a few fish. The late season sun cast contrasting […]

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