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Training and loop morph (or triathlon and the Tri-taper)

Monday, 17 June 2019

I’ve had a few weeks of Sexyloops work, Board discussions and have started triathlon training. I figure that we have a choice as we get older. We can either get old, slow and have our bits fall off... or we can stay fit. Lately I’ve been enjoying the bike - it’s much less impact on the knees than running and I’ve covered a lot of miles in my life in running shoes.

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On the other hand

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

I took a canoe out again last weekend. The weather gods must have been listening since right after my previous trip, when I noted that the usual summer-welcoming monsoon had not appeared yet, the skies blossomed grey and our life-giving rains began to fall.

It is likely that fishing in the rain, here in south Florida, just might be the most comfortable someone can be while fishing in the rain. Yes, of course you get wet, but when the ambient temperature is hovering around 80 degrees F it really is not so bad. In fact, it can be rather pleasant. I have found that as long as I keep my head and glasses dry I really do not mind it at all. Keeping in mind how it will feel around a month from now, when the rains subside and the sun will beat on you relentlessly, makes you realize what a pleasant outing it really is. The fact that the little tarpon get very active with the rain might be another positive thing too?

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When I am failing totally

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

That's when I can learn the most!

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Weather to fish

Thursday, 13 June 2019

This weekend we were hoping to fish the river Dee in North Wales, however due to the substantial recent rainfall, it will probably be too coloured. This made me think about our last fishing trip to the Dee, the river was the lowest I had seen with areas that were normally under water covered in thick foliage, indicating that they’d been dry for some time. I compared the photos I took on that trip to those in the same spots from last summer. It’s amazing how different an area can look throughout the seasons.

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chilly fishing, heart warming chat

Friday, 14 June 2019

Long waited guiding day was on Tuesday. Shemeikan kalakerho is again around. This time there was four of them. When I say long waited, I think it is both sides. For me it is always great day to guide them. They are great company and I can fish also little bit. We are always checking new waters with them. For them I think it is kind of start of their week in Kuusamo and real beginning of the ”competition”. Longest fish will win and winner will buy dinner in restaurant to other members of club.

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The Yellow Oliver

Saturday, 15 June 2019

I think most readers here know that I'm deeply fascinated by the old, English North Country wetflies. Their simplicity, their age, their history just appeals to me. As does old salmonflies, particularly those from the Dee and Spey. Mainly I think, because they're equally (in salmonfly-terms) simple, and many are also quite old. These flies are the result of the flyfisherman live lived on a by the rivers, producing effective patterns with the materials they had available to them, and that's another part of the history i like.

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Father's Day

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Once a month or so, I have lunch with an old friend that I have known since the second grade. During the course of the conversation, he always asks about my family, and more specifically how my father is doing. Not long ago he confided in me how thankful he was that my father always included him in many of our fishing trips when we were young. His father wasn't much of an outdoors man, and he expressed how grateful he was to have been introduced to the sport by my dad, as it had quite a profound effect on him, and is still something he loves to do, even to this day.

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Ronan's Report

Top 5 Trout for 2018/19…

I think anybody planning a trip to NZ has a dream of catching a big one. These big fish are indeed attainable! During a multi-day I’d expect to land some fish up to 7lbs but fish over this weight are harder to find. You can certainly increase your odds of landing big fish by concentrating […]

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