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Technical Support

Monday, 19 February 2024

"Those who say there are no stupid questions have never worked in technical support"

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The end of an era:, the beginning of the Hot Tortuga

Tuesday, 20 February 2024

As many of you will know my Sexyloops master craftsman rod builder has been Lee; a bearded pirate, living in Hastings. It was never a full-time job for Lee, and he actually has a full time job! A few days ago he informed me that he just doesn’t have the time to build anymore and I fully understand this. Life is partly about what we do for a living — but it’s also very much about how we live when we are not working. We all need free time. I certainly appear to have this work/life/fishing balance thing… well anyway…

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Wednesday, 21 February 2024

Across a muddy field, hundreds of yards from where any public could see it, and completely obscured from even the most adventurous bird watcher’s binoculars; with the only buildings in view, some tall concrete block and corrugated zinc storage units of a large working farm far off on a hill. Was this strip of concrete track that straddled the Brook and at its centre was that Bugger of a Bridge. Not even the shooting parties  of Autumn, visiting the pheasant clucking coppice, or the red jacketed horsemen and packs of baying hounds in winter would notice it as they snuffled past, recessed down in the channel as it was. Just the passing farmer on his tractor or his wife walking the dogs; and the occasional fishermen who made it this far upstream by turning the final bend in the Groynes beat, glimpsed it eventually, after hearing its growing roar as they waded upstream to this last fishable pool. If ever a project called out for simplicity, just pure form and function it was this, there was little need to over-egg this particular pudding.  

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Elephants Eat Peanuts

Thursday, 15 February 2024

The cold has persisted here in Japan, and there were public holidays while I was off so I didn't go fishing, I never do. An odd missed Monday is a small price to pay for the angler-free rivers I usually get thanks to my nonstandard weekend. So I had a bit of time at the vice and dug the crampons out and knocked off another couple of mountains.

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Enough is enough

Friday, 16 February 2024

Sunday we had day off. After feeding reindeers I did casting practise, 15 minutes and hands were freezing cold and line as cable. It was -18 celsius with breeze.

I went warm up and did another training with videos. Temp was just dropping. I was pretty happy even both of the sessions were short like 15 minutes. You just can't do longer ones without breaking gears or getting frozen.

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Saturday, 17 February 2024

Fly fishing is I suppose a strange pastime, hobby or - for some - a life style. With so many different approaches, species to fish for and more or less people doing it there are plenty of areas where disagreements might come to dominate the bonfire after a day’s fishing. When is a grilse no longer a grilse, but a salmon? Some say a salmon is over 5kg. Can you use shooting heads for trout fishing? Does the fly matter? Which insect were the trout feeding on earlier today? Is nymph fishing even fly fishing? And then of course - that thing we do not mention to preserve peace. Read on at your own peril. Arbitrary opinions may occur.

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Sunday, 18 February 2024

Well another week of high, milky-coffee coloured rivers has meant that Tracy and I didn't get out fishing yet again. Desperation is starting to set in so this weekend we booked another trip to the Bahamas for some saltwater fishing. At least we're guaranteed to get out fishing there, although the weather (as per our trip in November) can be a bit wild at times. Actually we have a friend who is out there right now and he's said, and I quote, “it's windy as f***”. Now Tracy and I always travel with the assumption that it's going to be blowing a gale, and we train our casting for combating the wind before we go. As such, the distance practice that has not long started is going to make way for accuracy training on our windy days with a particular emphasis on backhand shots and drilled tight loops, both front and back.

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Ronan's Report

Getting Jumped!

December and into January… December is a great month to fish. Trout start looking up and responding well to terrestrials. Everyone seems to love dry fly action! There were some nice mayfly hatches too. Usually short and fickle but we made the best of it when it happened. As January arrived many of my local […]

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