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Monday, 18 January 2021

Ashly and I went down the lake to a remote fishing spot last week because there were rumours of another lockdown. It turns out that there are renewed lockdowns here in Malaysia but fortunately the district where my boat floats around is still lockdown free. Phew! The fishing was very slow by the way, there are babies around (Snakehead) but the very high water level is seeing them hiding in the jungle undergrowth and almost impossible to find. This should change soon now that it’s almost stopped raining.

The end of the Wet Season is a happy time here. The trees bloom, Snakehead teach their babies the ways of the Jungle and the rivers are clear. This last event in particular is very exciting news for the Sungai Tiang project. As soon as the river clears I’ll make a final trip up north to prepare the Orang Asli for fly fishing guiding operations on the river which are starting very soon.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

You have to be prepared to make the cast. A lot of fish are not stationary like trout, and often there are times, when by the time you have unstrung the fly, the fish has moved on. Or the line gets caught in a bush, or you are standing on the line, or it is caught on your clothing or the reel handle...

Line management is seldom taught but essential for all forms of fly fishing.

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Too cold for carp?

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

We're getting a real winter here in Tokyo, it seems like the first one in ages. Here that means dry air, sun and high pressure with fairly consistent sub zero temperatures overnight and low single figures during the day. It's not entirely bad- the clear skies and sun make for reasonably reliable sight fishing weather if you can put up with the cold.

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Letting Go

Thursday, 21 January 2021

The thing is, art is never finished, it’s abandoned and you have to know the right place to abandon it in order to continue doing it.
--- Mark Slaughter

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building something

Friday, 22 January 2021

This week I have continue my building project. It has been quite chilly, -15 celsius around. We need to have ”shelter” for rubbish bins at the farm. But why just built shelter just for them, so I make it 2 part shelter and in other end we can keep snowmobiles and quads depending about season. Building something in winter is not easy, at least for me. You need to have lot of clothes and protect your hands more than in warm weather. You can have frost bites just touching your tools etc. And no, I’m not meaning that tool even it can disappear when it is really cold weather.

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Sea Trout Spawning

Saturday, 16 January 2021

There’s a stream not far from us, maybe 20 minutes drive and a good walk. It’s actually very close to where I used to study and back then, I too a walk along it quite often. I never fished it. It was in acceptable condition back then, but not far from the sea, there was (and still is) a mill with it’s weir and pond.

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Beach Casting

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Following on from James’ FP on shooting heads, I feel I should mention how my casting has developed significantly from using them. Over the last few years, he has made me several, the first being quite short and mainly aimed at improving the speed and efficiency of my double hauling technique. The next few have been longer and longer, with the aim of improving my carry so that I can cast the MED fly line more effectively. By using these shooting heads, I have extended my PBs several times in both the 5# and 7# events and I’m particularly pleased with casting over 40yds with the #5.

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Ronan's Report

Boating, Fishing & Guiding..

I’ve had the boat out a couple of times now with the family. She’s lovely! Not built for speed but she gets along just fine. I played with the trim on the engine trying to get the bow down with the throttle opened up. It seems weight up the front might be the only option […]

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