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Monday, 5 June 2023

Tradition becomes security, and when the mind is secure, it is in decay.

---Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Distance Fly Casting 110-115’

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

I’m trying to upload this video from a different Battleship anchorage. It will be very exciting for me if I manage to upload from here, because this will 99% mean that I will be able to give Zoom classes from here too… and wow that will be something, because this is excellent fishing territory! In fishing terms that will be like Christmas and my Birthday rolled into one… hang on… that probably wouldn’t actually very good… maybe just like Christmas or my Birthday. So pretty good. This is Snakehead and Gourami territory and realistically the most remote place that this may or may not be possible; I’m a good 15km down the lake, very close to the fish farms in fact. Damn the phone has overheated. That was unexpected and so I’ve stuck it in the fridge.

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Fisher River

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

We’d heard the Fisher River was a fun place to fish with little pressure, so we explored it a bit on Saturday. The river flows northward from near Highway 2 in NW Montana. Sixty-three miles later, it empties into the Kootenai River a mile or so below Libby Dam. The Fisher, which has a has a freestone substrate, was relatively low for early June, and the air temp was 81 F (27 C) in the sun. The bend where Cow Creek comes in seemed like a good place to start prospecting. As to be expected, the few resident fish were in the deeper holes, where we each caught a mountain whitefish and a small rainbow. Further downstream a creek dumped in muddy water and swelled the river a bit. We found a couple of promising runs to fish, but they didn’t produce. Continuing to the Kootenai, we drove up to the dam to see beautiful Lake Koocanusa (coo-can-oo’-sah). The odd name comes from combining the name KOOtenai, CANada and USA because it was formed by the Kootenai River and is partly in Canada and partly in the USA.

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Storms & A Can't Do Attitude

Thursday, 1 June 2023

There was no fishing this week, a typhoon was hitting western Japan and we were getting strong winds and inches of rain.

A pity because I'd arranged to take Canadian John out for some carp using float and fly - I'm gradually moving him towards the fly rod, but need to overcome the resistance/fear. Just in case he didn't get on with artificials, he'd gone to the petshop and got a box of live crickets, which was weirdly nostalgic for me, but more about that later. Unfortunately we had to postpone, hopefully he can keep the crickets alive until next week. I took advantage of the weather and started restocking my severely neglected carp box, well one of them anyway. Dries & slow sinkers.

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Watch the wombats 2

Friday, 2 June 2023

The morning of day three we woke to another still, icy morning, in for another blue sky day. We packed down camp and started to plan the day out, we made the decision to walk around one of the main lakes, thinking it would be the fastest route. It started out well, easy walking for the first couple kilometers because the lake was so low. As we made our way further up the lake we started to run into cliffs and thick pencil pine forests. I still don’t know why we didn’t think to make another plan, because it was like this the whole day, up and down cliffs and the occasional swim.

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Finnish Summer

Saturday, 3 June 2023

So after finishing original FP, I went to fishing on our lake. It was now and then some rain, but I really wanted to test new set up. Wind was not so bad, I thought that it could be some surface fishing. Also I could test new flooring from boat.

I drove with quad to lake and got my gears ready. I couldn't see any rises so my thoughts were more for casting practise and testing set up. When I got on other side with boat it was clear that it will good fishing.

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Competition (and the weather) heating up

Sunday, 4 June 2023

The competition events at last weekend’s BFCC casting day in Kent were very competitive and the overall result was the tightest that the BFCC has had since it’s been running the 7 discipline format; i.e. #5 trout distance, #7 trout distance, ST27, T38, Salmon overhead S55, T120 and accuracy (the rules for which can all be found on the BFCC website). The overall winner is determined by the lowest score achieved when all the individual placings in the 7 disciplines are added up, and just one point covered the top three casters. Even the countback of event wins was tied and thus the number of second places was used to determine the winner.

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Ronan's Report

Some Late Season Highlights…

There was a nice mix of fishing to be had in April. At times the rivers were in great shape between rain events and I made the most of those opportunities for myself and my clients. There were a few days where the rain pushed me away from the rivers to take on some lakes […]

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