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The HT10 PRO

It's a waterproof hammock...


Paul Arden fishing a popper on the HT8



Are you ready for the explosive 4-weight?

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Daily Cast

Monday: Andy Dear
Tuesday: Mika Lappalainen
Wednesday: Nick Moore
Thursday: Martyn White
Friday: Mika Lappalainen
Saturday: Viking Lars
Sunday: Tracy&James
FP Archive

Unspinning yarn

Monday, 23 May 2022

Spinning a yarn is a slang term used to describe the telling of a story, especially a long drawn-out or totally fanciful one, as in "this author really knows how to spin a yarn". Or "whenever he's late he spins some yarn about a crisis". Originally a nautical term dating from about 1800, this expression probably owes its life to the fact that it embodies a double meaning, yarn signifying both “spun fiber” and “a tale.”

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Fuck up at all the fuck ups (part two)

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

First full fishing day is coming up. We move to south with Battleship. Paul parks us to nice bay. It is burning hot, we take Rocket C with Paul. Time for snakeheads.

Paul explains and shows how snakehead fishing should go, I take few training shots. I feel everything but being ready, it is hot like in hell, well I don't really know how it will be in there. I drink water more than ever before in my life.
Midday is getting closer when Paul see set of babies.

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A week of fishing

Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Last week i stayed with a friend up north, and we had a most enjoyable week of fishing, with some days out in between. However, the main purpose of the holiday (and i must say the icing on the cake) was to partake in the yearly Watendlath event. Now, those of you overseas might not know what and where this is. Watnedlath is a small Hamlet in the Lake district that features a beautiful Tarn that's incredibly deep, especially in the centre.

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It doesn't always work out

Thursday, 26 May 2022

Last week Chuck and I decided that even though the weather had been all over the place Monday would be the first float tube session of the season. After last season's puncture debacle I made sure to do a test inflation on Friday and watched the weather forecast jump around with a mix of hope and dismay.

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Fuck up at all the fuck ups (part 3, being asshole)

Friday, 27 May 2022

Tuesday, coach took me back to his boat. After two days driving he probably thought that let's give one more try. Monday there was lot of heavy raining and when we came back to boat all of us were more less cold.

Paul had some kind of gear issue on Monday evening and he missed the BIG Gourami. But that is story he should tell. So Tuesday morning we took off and target was gourami, there were lot of termites and things where looking good. We had decided that we will do turns and I decide that Paul can start, I really wanted to see how to do it right.

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Salmon Season Opening

Saturday, 21 May 2022

The Norwegian salmon season opening is fast approaching, June 1st. Predictions are always hard, but right now there is a lot of snow, and I mean a lot, in the mountains surrounding several of the most popular rivers in Norway. On the mountains that drain into the Gaula, the snow pack is over 4 meters. That leaves two possibilities for the opening week: A lot of water with a risk for a serious flood, maybe even one of the dreaded 100-year-floods. If the temperature doesn’t rise too quickly, snow melt will be slow. The water level will most likely be fishable, in fact a good flow, but it’ll be cold and murky.

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Sunday, 22 May 2022

This is going to be a very short and last minute front page from me. Tracy and I are away from home staying in the Ashford area in preparation for tomorrow’s BFCC meeting at Willesborough cricket ground. We’re also just in from the pub where we were eating/drinking with the group of casters who have come over from France firstly to spend time with Mark and Mike running through the CI syllabus and other casting issues and secondly to compete in the competitions.

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Ronan's Report

Clearing The Decks!

Just a quick blog today to clear the decks. I had a busy and very successful season finale with some brilliant and big trout for clients. Before I get to that I’d like to share the rest of the seasons highlights. It’s a while since I put up a blog so some of these photos […]

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