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A Saturday Evening Lesson

Monday, 15 July 2024

Many times in my Front Pages here on Sexyloops, I have referenced my enduring friendship with Jesse Alonzo. Jesse and I first met in 1994 where we were co-workers at a local financial institution. Over the years, we have fished together, deer hunted together, and shared more than a few glasses of good whiskey together.

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Shooting Line

Tuesday, 16 July 2024

This week’s Masterclass is a two-parter. Part one is for beginners explaining that they need to learn to control line shoot in addition to the first video. The second part is something which I consider high Intermediate or even Advanced Level. I rarely teach it until later on in my Zoom courses. At this level it’s more about sharing ideas anyway, but recently I’ve found myself teaching it more and more, for competition casting and saltwater shots, as well as the Snakehead Shots where it is essential.

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Those answers at last

Wednesday, 10 July 2024

On a stunningly beautiful day of late summer with Spring long passed by. It’s mid-morning by the Willow brook banks, here, under a sky that’s as one that stretches out over Marge and Lisa, Bart and Homer, broken occasionally with the fluffy white clouds over Springfield. A Matt Groening image, a blue Simpson’s sky here in Fotheringhay, with barely a breath of air.
But modern cultural references are like that for me, it’s never a Constable sky; a Turner sky; a Canaletto sky.
Threatening, over dramatic and dark; that’s a Spielberg sky.And on that day in question, my favorite of all, a Simpson’s sky. And with that recognition a jangling funny little theme tune plays in my head, it’s smile inducing.

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The Hair Is Mightier Than The Foam

Thursday, 11 July 2024

With temperatures rising to the high 30s this week it looks like we're getting to the end of a rather weird and over-long rainy season. More stable conditions should be ahead of us for the rest of the summer. Monday saw us getting some of those conditions, 38 degrees and wind of 1-2 m/s forecast after several similar days. So we decide on a night session in on the tubes.

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Am I getting purist?

Friday, 12 July 2024

Last week was long days as we were building new fence around field. Field has been renewed this summer and grass is just 2 inches or so.. and we have 100 reindeer around. If reindeer hit that 2,5 hectare field... byebye. And as having long days last Friday came suddenly.. And I had appointment with doctor, important one as my driving licence was getting old in one week. When you have driving license for truck, it means that when you turn 50yrs you need doctor's check that you are able to drive. And then it will 5 more years. With regular license you can drive without check until 60 yrs.

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Not so Lazy Saturday

Saturday, 13 July 2024

I’m covering unexpectedly for the Viking today. At short notice he got called away to go on a rampage. I was planning on putting up a video this week on rod spine. I need to check a couple of details first however because I don’t want to say something that is only true in my mind and not in reality! So that will be next week. In fact I now plan three videos for next week, and one will be quite technical. So that’s something exciting to look forward to.

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The importance of a good butt

Sunday, 14 July 2024

Another highly exciting FP from me today. I’m in the middle of moving the boat, following a bee invasion. I’ve mentioned this before but bees love socks. If you don’t want bees in your boat then I would suggest leaving your socks at home. Why bees love socks I can only guess. Normally these invasions only occur in the Dry Season, February and March appear to be their favourite month for socks, so I was quite surprised to experience a fully coordinated invasion today… July I think it is.

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Ronan's Report

Off to Fjordland..

There’s something very special about getting into some of New Zealand’s most wild and beautiful places. In late March myself and Chuan did just that. We had a couple of days. Day 1 was very sunny but with a brutal downstream wind which certainly cost us a few fish. The late season sun cast contrasting […]

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