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Monday, 23 November 2020

James’ FP yesterday struck a real chord with me. It’s the same for me on the lake here. I have “The Squiggles”, Ant Island, Millipede Island, Snake Island, Elephant Island, Spooky Island, Snakehead City, Gourami Bay, Millipede Island (AKA Martyn’s Inferno, due to a rather large campfire) and so on. Which reminds me of a joke I attribute to my Grandfather (which may be incorrect by the way)...

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Good news, bad news, etc.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

So, the good news is I finally got out and went fishing. It was not in my canoes but in a friends boat, and that was probably just as good as the waters were pretty tore up from the recent storms. I doubt I could have gone anywhere interesting in a canoe and this trip did allow me a very thorough investigation of the situation. One of the most interesting observations was the number of other anglers on the water. Apparently, there were a large number of folks who were just as bummed out by our recent forced vacation from fishing. Everyone seemed happy just to get back out on the water.

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Testing Flies For Perch, Pike And Zander

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

All week long I was testing some new flies for Perch, Pike and Zander. Yet only the fish can tell me, if my flies work or not!

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Lessons Learned Revisited

Thursday, 26 November 2020

As we have done for the past several years, my family and I are spending the Thanksgiving holiday on the Texas coast in a tiny town called Indianola. Unfortunately I did not realize that there is no Wi-Fi or internet connectivity at the remote cabin where we are staying....which is just how I like it actually. I ran in to Port Lavaca to put up a Front Page, and in the interest of time, decided to re-run one of Paul's favorites titled 'lessons Learned" from June of 2019. One of our favorite past times down here is the pursuit of LARGE Black Drum with heavy tackle and natural bait i deep water. This essay details the brutal learning curve we went through one hot summer day learning to chase the giants of the deep, and in the process, created some indelible, albeit hilarious memories. Hope all of you are staying safe and healthy, and to those of you stateside, hope that you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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explanation and arse eye

Friday, 20 November 2020

Last week Mike was asking from Paul some things in FP. I started to think about the same issue and thought to share my opinion. Opinion is like arse eye, everyone has his own but from opinion you could get something useful, otherwise than from arse. (ass has two meanings, does that tell something about arse or animal).

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Saturday, 28 November 2020

Gammarus are one of the most important food items for trout in any environment. Gammarus are on the diet, year round in both salt- and freshwater and they can be so plentyful that it's almost ridiculous. Have you ever tried kicksampling in a river? Where you hold a small net between two sticks that you hold downstream of your feet, and then walk trhough a little weed patch or kick some river bottom? First of all it'll tell you what's in the river (and with that also what the water quality is, but that's a different story) and if you do in 5-6 times during a season, it'll also tell you which insects are active when, especially if you also try setting up the net just to catch what's drifting. And I'll almost guarantee you that you'll find plenty of gammarus.

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30 Yarder

Sunday, 22 November 2020

When we’re flats fishing Tracy and I tend to make up names for things that makes perfect sense to us but, to someone overhearing us, might sound odd. Quite often we change the name of flats to something more meaningful to us rather than the ‘official’ moniker. This isn’t done for any sort of subterfuge reasons, it’s just because I’m not great at remembering names and, as such, if we come up with a more logical name then we both know instantly where we are discussing. For example, ‘Muddy Bay’ – it’s pretty obvious why we call this particular flat this, as fighting through calf-deep soft silt is pretty memorable (and strength sapping – but often worth it). There’s also ‘Church Flat’ named after the church roof that is our navigation aid to find it – this one requires a couple of miles walk through a fairly featureless terrain and looking back at the distinctive red tiles helps keep us on the right track to hit the exact entry point that we want.

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Ronan's Report

Some of the Biggest Trout on Earth!

Last winter we had a little treat! Fish & Game opened a river to anglers to fish for monster rainbows on their spawning run. These fish reach incredible sizes from living in a man made canal system. Like a giant spring creek, the canals have a constant flow and they’re always cool. Perfect for trout […]

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