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Project Sungai Tiang

Monday, 25 May 2020

I was approached last year to see if I would be willing to assist the Orang Asli community in creating a fly fishing project, to generate jobs for the Orang Asli and an income for the local village, while both preserving and enhancing the local Mahseer fishing. So I paid a visit to the river at the end of last year, and explored it with my Gerik neighbour and good friend, Fong, along with the couple of local village anglers. And it’s a very interesting river! Quite beautiful and full of a small and healthy Mahseer population, that have returned after being virtually wiped up and the river being closed since 2015. There are in fact at least two species of Mahseer in the river as well as some large predatory Jungle Perch that hunt in packs.

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Drastic measures

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

As in those that drastic times call for!

It almost seems like the universe has been trying to keep me from fishing. And, doing a pretty good job of it, I might add. Of course, COVID was a big player in the game.

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Chasing One And One Only Asp

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Right now it's 6am and I am about to sit in a chair next to a small canal waiting for one specific large asp to hunt down some small baitfish. He shows up hunting every morning as do I sitting next his home and waiting for a 1 minute chance to catch him!

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Virtual Casting

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Well the fishing in Wales has re-opened, or has it? To be honest I have no idea what’s going on. The Welsh Assembly, the devolved government of Wales, have said fishing is an acceptable past time. At the same time the country is still in lockdown as the infection rate is still peaking, I guess a few weeks behind England because of geography and population density differences. As such, the initial lifting of the fishing ‘ban’ didn’t really make much difference as you weren’t allowed to go anywhere in your car. From what I have read on the internet, the Angling Trust then got involved and pointed out to the Welsh Assembly that transporting fishing tackle on foot is totally impractical for most people. The Welsh Assembly were subsequently persuaded that allowing driving was the only way to get people out fishing, and issued another communication saying that it was now allowable to drive to a local fishery. So we’re all good then – well apparently not.

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Donald Duck, hello

Friday, 22 May 2020

Hello, it is Donald Duck again, at least own life Donald Duck. That is how kids call me. I wonder if reason is that things just seems to happen to me. Last week I wrote about how I sunk snowmobile and we started to renew one room. Well, on Sunday something happen and….. our water heater started to leak. It was coming to end of its road. So I had to get new one and do some extra things around that. We were few days without hot water so we had to use pots to get some. Yesterday everything was fixed and everything is more or less normal. Jippiii…

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Comparison Time

Saturday, 16 May 2020

The day has come - I know you’ve all been waiting and holding your breath (you can release it now). Last Friday the Semperfli Killer Bug substitute-yarn arrived in the mail box, and I sat down last night and whipped up a handful of Killer Bugs using the new yarn. Considering the prices the original Chadwick’s no. 477 is going for on eBay, I was hoping there was reality behind the words Semperfli has on the label: “The closest match to the original on the market.”

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A Stroll.... Part 1

Sunday, 24 May 2020

" I am convinced that the essence of fishing is drawn from memory. I've thought about this a great deal. Why does this sport...if that's what it is, never get old like we do. Why do we still get excited about it, when so many other things in our lives have become predictable. I think it's because we remember when we fish. Not stories necessarily, but feelings, thrills that reside in our emotional memory bank. When we come out here we push certain buttons and the years begin falling away like coppery autumn leaves on the surface of the water, and we are children all over again for a little while. "
---Flip Pallot

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Ronan's Report

The End of Lockdown…

After 5 weeks of lockdown I was itching to get back at the rivers. We dropped back to level 3 only three days before the brown trout rivers closed. I managed to get one full day on day 1, a brief session while walking the kids on day 2 and a 3 hour session on […]

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