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The HT10 PRO

It's a waterproof hammock...


Paul Arden fishing a popper on the HT8



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Tuesday: Paul Arden
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Saturday: Viking Lars
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Monday, 19 September 2022

When I started fly fishing back in 1996, it would be an understatement to say I became obsessed with casting. I purchased books, watched videos, and spent thousands of hours on the local football field honing my technique. Because of the casting attributes that saltwater sight fishing demands, I have developed a lot of drills and exercises over the years to sharpen those skills. One of which was demonstrated by Carlos Azpilicueta right here on Sexyloops in 2004. You can find it under the Fly Casting exercises titled "Andy's Game"

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Fishing and Head Length

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

There is a type of fishing that involves casting a long line, stripping it in, casting a long line, stripping it in, casting a long line, stripping it in and repeating and repeating and repeating. The problem with this method, is that every time you do it you lose a little bit of intelligence… until one day you wake up totally braindead. I sometimes think that discussions on head length revolve around this type of fishing, which explains the arguments involved and… well, whatever.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2022

A four-mile hike in waders and we didn’t find the way to the mainstem creek. Rather than trying to bushwhack over half-a-mile in unfamiliar territory, we decided to hike down a closed forest road. It was not the way less traveled, but it wasn’t traveled much. Surely it must lead to the creek. Four miles later we realized how stupid it was not to (a) ask if there is a guide map to fishing local creeks and/or (b) buy a map app for the phone, like Onyx. We seem to learn things the hard way. Back down the road a mile or so was a local trail system that we knew led to the creek directly with little bushwhacking. We succumbed to the way more traveled.

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Typhoon Effect

Thursday, 22 September 2022

Well, I think my mullet ambitions are getting put on hold till next year. At the weekend, Japan got hit by one of the biggest typhoons in living memory, it really seems to have brought the change in the season which means the mullet won't be up in the shallows. The good thing is, the cool nights mean it's time to start on the seabass again.

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I'm not expert

Friday, 23 September 2022

but I can check. It is kind of same like, I don't know anything about this but I will gladly give my opinion. You probably know someone like this.

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Shooting head - when and where?

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Shooting heads are often a choice. For me, mostly when it makes my fishing a little easier and very often also for the flexibility of changing line density in two minutes. That actually makes a difference in my fishing, both in still- and running water. Sometimes shooting heads are also a necessity to fish a certain location effectively. Shooting heads excel where you have limited back cast room and obviously for repetitive distance casts.

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Line Weights and why it matters

Sunday, 18 September 2022

There is a discussion on the Board regarding line weighs and the AFFTA table, because as hopefully everyone should know by now, flylines are often overweight and sometimes by 1, 2 or even more ratings. In other words your 6WT line might really weigh a 7, 8 or more! While we can talk about how this has happened, what I really want to talk about is why it matters and is a serous problem… for fishing.

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Ronan's Report

It’s Been a Good Winter!

So far, this has been a good winter season. The Clutha has been the best in a few years. Still not great but way better than the last 2 winters – which were shite. That’s encouraging. Most days out have produced some decent results but the big fish are still nowhere to be seen. I […]

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