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Viking Lars' tips VII

Lars Christian Bentsen, famous Danish flyfisherman, master fly-tier, archaeologist and bag-fetisher reveals his secret tips...

Here's the latest tip! (and here they are from the beginning)


Degreasing is a slightly controversial subject, as some flyfishermen simply claim that it makes no difference. I think it does make a difference, that is if you have the right degreasing-agent. Fuller's Earth mixed with washing-up liquid is the best as taught to me by Paul.

Degreasing with Fuller's Earth-mix serves two purposes; 1) It degreases the leader (big surprise there) and makes the leader sink more readily and 2) It takes off the shine, making the leader less visible to fish. I keep my Fuller's Earth in a 35mm film-cannister and this poses one little problem. When putting on a new fly, after having tied the knot and applied the floatant, it would be nice with something that is a little more ready at hand than a film-cannister in the chestpack.

And this is where I give the word to Michael Pogson - he has come up with a great idea for storing degreasing-agent. Here goes:
"I've just come across a great way of making a leader-sinkant dispenser that you can attach to the d-ring on your vest. First make your sinkant paste out of Fullers Earth, Fairy liquid (dish washing detergent) and a small amount of glycerine. Should be the consistency of modelling clay. Then obtain an 10ml oral syringe from the chemistís and remove the plunger and fill the syringe up to the 10ml level with the sinkant paste and replace the plunger. The plunger will not go all the way down to the sinkant because of the trapped air at the top of the sinkant paste. By inserting a dubbing needle into the small hole in the nozzle at the other end of the syringe and applying pressure to the plunger this air can be expelled. Now, the small hole at the end of the nozzle is too small to let out the paste so cut the whole of the nozzle off with a sharp craft knife and so leaving a whole of just the right size. The syringe will then fit easily into a floatant bottle holder and clip onto your vest. As only a very small amount of sinkant is exposed to the air it doesn't dry out and is easy at hand and ready to be dispensed as and when required. Try it it works. Cheers Mick Pogson."

Thanks a lot for this Tip, Mick..... I for one am going to try it

EDIT - June 23rd 2012: Mick originally included a picture of his idea (which by the way works really well), but for some reason, the entire folder with images has disappeared from the server and I have no way of recreating it/Lars.

Sand in the ferrules

I thought it was time to revive this wonderful little tips-section, where I expel words of wisdom to all of our readers :-). So, here's a new one.

I suppose that if not all then most flyfishermen have experienced the annoying sounds and feel of a few grains of sand in the female part of a rod's ferrule? If you haven't, then you will! Most of the time, all that will happen is a scratch in the varnish, which might displease the eye, but really poses no problem for the rod. However, if it happens a few times on the same ferrule, or if you're unlucky, a deep scratch on the inside of the female ferrule can cause the rod to break.

Often it's enough to simply blow into the female ferrule, and that fixes the problem. You can also lightly tap the rod section on say your hand, and that sometimes works as well. But, sometimes it's not enough and for those situations, I have a little ziplock bag with a few q-tips (why the hell are they called Q-tips anyway?) in the car or in the bag. It's an easy and cheap way of getting annoying sand out of the ferrules.

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