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Scientific Anglers XXD

Scientific Anglers
There won't be a Sexyloops' regular who hasn't heard of the XXD. Almost all the distance casters on the board, including the “Big Hitters”, use this line for practice. Of course there's a very good reason for that; the 5-weight distance competition in the US is held using the XXD – it's just a bit longer in the running line, that's all.

Bringing it back - remember to duck, chicken

And it is a distance line. Bruce says that it's the first line he's designed explicitly for his own distance requirements. In fact if you're a good caster, and in this case by good caster I mean someone who can carry plenty of line, then this is the line for you. The XXD boasts a very long head; in the 5-weight it's 63 and a half feet long! But its most impressive assets are the very long rear taper, which enables excellent casters to carry more line than you'd think possible and the unusual front belly which actually increases in size as it gets close to the front taper – this delays turnover and gives greater distance.

Bruce Richards winds up to launch an XXD through the second story window (there's a fish in the sink). Macauley Lord watches for slack line and stray buffalosFunky lift (good for sinking lines and some other stuff)

So here we have a very impressive distance line, and it's a long one at 105 feet. So how does it fish? Bet you didn't expect that.

Well I've been fishing one for the last year or so and completely thrashed it in New Zealand, and it still lives! I love this line. The XXD – and Bruce – is the reason I chose Scientific Anglers to sponsor Sexyloops. This is the most versatile fishing line I've used. And for me at least, this is the Switch casting line from hell. It knocks the spots off everything else I've tried, and I've tried pretty much everything. And it floats - that's pretty important of course, in a floating line.

Double snap - about to turn this into a single SpeyBig Fish and the XXD, the perfect combination

The Sexyloops' PoD series was shot with an XXD and I obliterated the EFFF Masters using one. Yep, there's nothing this line won't do. And you'll catch bigger fish. It comes in a very sexy green colour, sort of camo, which may in fact be invisible to fish, especially the big ones.

Yeah okay, so what can you say about a flyline? 25% more on your distance or else? Super slick self-lubricating turbo-patented technology? No memory, damn what did I just say? We all know that's bollocks, right?

I love fishing and I love casting. What else is there? Being outdoors, in the water, wondering what it's all about, red wine, chillies, smelly socks, the sound of the river, falling in, getting lost, discovering something you've never seen before. Life, man, it's pretty amazing stuff, right? This is the XXD.

This is it: this is the line I use and I use the best. I can carry a lot of line, over 90ft. If you can carry 70 feet of line then this is the line for you. If you can't then buy a GPX or see me for a lesson. Simple really.


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