September Boat Fishing

For boat fishing during this month the methods are the same as for bank fishing with, perhaps, the inclusion of black (most probable) or white lures on intermediate lines. The fry can be quite large by this time of year and that is just what your flies should be.

It can be very good policy to fish with an intermediate line and black lure on the point, with droppers of wet daddy and Cove pheasant tail.

Also, for the fish that require something a little different, try the booby trick: from top to point, wet daddy, leaded shrimp, suspender buzzer / floating fry.

I have been known to fish floating fry and white lures together on floating lines. But the fact of the matter is, that by this time of year, it is probable that you will have established what methods are going to work well and have a good feeling for the trout behaviour.

Often I find it very successful to fish a simple black lure just under the surface. We can make fishing too complicated at some times of the season. Generally my approach is to start simple and get more and more complicated as the fish dictate. Never lose sight of the fact that there are times when all the fish want, is to have a fly stuck under their noses.

By September, I am usually running the banks so close in order to catch fish, that I am in danger of grounding, if I am not actually grounded. However winds can put thought of drifting out of reach and in such conditions anchoring nose down, with frequent re-positioning, is the order of the day.

Take full advantage of brief moments of wind subsidence. One drift can put three or four fish in the boat. As a rule of thumb I expect drifting to out-catch anchoring by three fish to one, at any time of year.


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