May Boat Fishing

May is the month when it starts to become a worthwhile prospect to take a boat out. Basically the fly choice seems to be the same as for banks. However a few additional selections may come in useful.

For surface daphnia feeders try hot muddlers followed up by hot mini-lures with perhaps a hot gold headed mini-lure on the point. Orange is the best colour although pink also can do the trick.

For deep daphnia feeders, depth is absolutely critical; positioning lures more than six inches above the trout's head will make catching extremely unlikely. The lure colour to use is lime green. You will sometimes see fluorescence recommended. Fluorescence fails to work much below the surface (lack of ultra-violet light waves).

Another fly well worth carrying is a white lure. Sometimes it is more effective to knock the fish off their feeding habits and induce the take. For this approach I will tend to favour the intermediate line since it will help to get my flies below the surface as quickly as possible.

A good set up is size #10 sedge pupa (top), size #10 Cove pheasant tail (middle), white marabou lure #10 long shank (point). You must cover fish quickly and pull fast. Use pauses to induce the take and expect half your fish on the drop.

This method starts to work well somewhere towards the end of the month and continues into the beginning of June. Side sweeping white lures can really pay huge dividends in the last half hour of the evening.

During this month, boat fishing, assuming the wind is favourable, is best undertaken on the drift. Fish the wind lanes and generally cover as much water as possible to locate the fish.


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