July Bank Fishing

The early morning starts can still pay off during July as can the evenings too, but much less so, since the water in the margins rarely has a chance to cool in the first part of the evening. You could try going upwind, but unless you can cast a hell of a long way, you are probably in for a frustrating time of it.

Weed-beds sometimes hold trout. You can sometimes see them if you drift a boat over them and spend your time looking sub-surface. Try floating fry the other side or in the gaps between weed. Or the dry fly. A big Whichham's comes recommended by some.

I have also read that you can make your own little holes with rakes attached to ropes (My Way With Trout - Arther Cove) and expect fish to arrive rather quickly . I have never resorted to this aquatic pruning, but I am known to be rather lazy in my approach to angling and so that may account for this.

If I am bank fishing, I tend to restrict my fishing time to the most likely hours. In order to do so this it helps to have a season ticket. However the dam can produce some really fine fishing, not every season, but often enough to give it a mention. It can always provide something, so total pessimism is unjustified.

I have three methods for the dams:

  1. HiD line and size #14 and #16 nymphs fished deep, often 15 ft down. If you keep hooking up with the wall then fish boobies.
  2. Floater and two leaded lures. Large cats whiskers and long leaders fished pretty much dead drift. Gives really hard takes. When it works.
  3. Floater and size #16 through #20 hot dries. Hot orange, red and claret Emergers. Can be great for bringing fish up to the surface. Even when nothing is showing.

If you get a cloudy day you may get some sport in the shallows. Normal techniques with nymphs and dries, as for the last two months, are the answer.


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