Inlets, or sluices, also attract fish in large quantities. Another place I avoid - just too damn artificial. The flies are the same as for boils, especially the fry patterns. Here are three ways to fish them, each having their own particular effectiveness according to what the fish want:

  1. Stand some ten yards to the side of the flow, cast a long line to the end of the surge and allow your flies to fish around the bend, then retrieve them back to you.

  2. Stand immediately beside the flow and cast straight along it, and retrieve your flies through the fuss.

  3. Allow the flow to carry your flies out - try this with an intermediate - real lazy man's fishing is this.

If you can get your flies under the flow you may just catch yourself a big brown. Or a big pike.

Fish in inlets during the early part of the season tend to be black, poor condition rainbows not worth catching.

A few points of interest: muddlers work very well, black lures at night score well, and I have had fish jump for flies suspended some 3ft above the water when fishing these areas (back in the old days before I knew better), leading me to suspect that jumping fish are taking airborne flies more often than we think.


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