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We've asked the world's leading flytackle manufacturers to sponsor us in the most dramatic event this site has seen since we discovered that saltfly is a myth. We're offering exclusivity and something quite unique which we refer to as "the edge". These our our sponsors, we use their products, we fully endorse their products and if they didn't sponsor us Sexyloops wouldn't exist, so please spend your money with them; I've made certain that we are sponsored by the best. To see what they can do for you be sure to read our reviews section.

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Sage are unquestionably the world leader in flyrod design. It's a priviledge to have Sage backing Sexyloops. I fish, cast and demonstrate using Sage rods and I choose to do so because they are the best. Be sure to visit their site.

Scientific Anglers are also world leaders, this time in flyline development. Spearheaded by Bruce Richards you simply won't buy better. This is their site.

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William Joseph produce outstanding and highly innovative chest packs, backpacks and bum bags. Both Sexyloops' bag fetishers, Sean and Lars, have fallen in love with their products. Please visit Willy J!

The Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors is one of the world's leading flycasting certifications setting the standards for others to follow. I've been a member for the last eight years and am currently on the Examinations Committee. You won't find better. We only allow AAPGAI to sponsor Sexyloops

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