Sexyloops Snapcast!
December 2009 edition

Welcome to another regular monthly Snapcast from Sexyloops. A few of our more exciting developments are Sexyloops on Facebook: and of course our all new and highly exciting SexyloopsTV flyfishing show: - expect a new show from us around the world every week!

Enjoy this month's Snapcast! Stay well, have a very Happy Christmas and an awesome New Year! From all the Sexyloops Team.



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Article: Speed in Flycasting
by Paul Arden

Paul talks about speed, flycasting and fishing. What sort of speed he's talking about can be discovered by reading the article. Are amphetamines the key to distance casting?

Click here for the article.


Article: Peacock
by Jo Meder

Jo Meder tells you all you ever wanted to know about peacocks but were afraid to ask. They eat mice!

Read about them here.



Flytackle Europe
The UK and European tackleshop. We sell Vision, RIO, Paul's Socks and more.
Fast friendly service from people you know.


Review: Carpas à Pluma
by Tonio

Tonio brings us a review of a DVD discussing flyfishing tactics for carp in Portugal, as well as flats barbel action.

Check out the review.


Review: PEAK Rotary Vise
by Jo Meder

Thinking about getting a new vise? The PEAK rotary could be for you.

Learn more in the review.



Stealth and Streetwear
Sexyloops high quality fishing clothing, the very best in hats, hoodies and fleecewear. Handmade by us in New Zealand, home of the Big Fish.


Review: World Fly Finder
by Jo Meder

World Fly Finder is a book of fly recipes covering a whole gamut of flies for different waters and species. However, are the flies easy to find?

Read the review.



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Contact Info
For general fishing advice, casting advice, tackle advice and so on, visit the Board; it's the best most incredible group of talented anglers you will find in any one place.
Paul can be contacted at but be prepared for Spam filters!

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