Sexyloops Snapcast!
December 2008 edition

We weren't pulling your leg when we said Snapcast was irregular. Welcome to the Early Christmas Special Edition. I'll keep this short because I'm writing this under the hood of my truck, connected to the battery, and it's raining. I think I may be right in saying that no other flyfishing publication comes to you from underneath the hood of my truck, which is just as well because there's not a lot of room under here, what with all the flytying materials and sheep.

Thanks Jo for producing a kick-ass layout. If your layout doesn't look kick-ass then we recommend subscribing to the HTML version and not the text version. It's easier to read and the pictures are quite pretty.

Cheers, Paul

PS Happy Easter



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Review: Sage Launch 690-4
by Jo Meder

The Sage Launch is Sage's entry level rod. Find out how it fares in this hands-on long term review.

Click here for the review.


Article: Fishing the Backcountry NZ
by Paul Arden

Paul gives us the straight dope on New Zealand backcountry fishing.

Read the article here.



Flytackle Europe
The UK and European tackleshop. We sell Vision, RIO, Paul's Socks and more.
Fast friendly service from people you know.


River Etiquette for Southern Streams Article: River Etiquette for Southern Streams
by Chris Dore

Chris talks about etiquette on the rivers of the southern South Island of New Zealand, sage advice for elsewhere too.

Read the article here.


Review: New Zealand Trophy Waters DVDs
by Jo Meder

This review covers the first 5 DVDs in Bruce Masson's New Zealand Trophy Waters series, featuring some great fish and fishing in New Zealand's South Island.

Click here for the review.



Stealth and Streetwear
Sexyloops high quality fishing clothing, the very best in hats, hoodies and fleecewear. Handmade by us in New Zealand, home of the Big Fish.


The Arden Damsel Step-by-Step: The Arden Damsel
by Viking Lars

Lars ties his variation of Paul's damsel nymph. Larsden nymph?

Follow along with the step-by-step.


Review: Fly Tying for Beginners and The Fly-Tying Bible
by Jo Meder

These two fly tying books by Peter Gathercole complement each other nicely and cover a wide range of patterns.

Click here for the review.


Review: Essential Skills w/ Oliver Edwards, part 2
by Viking Lars

Lars reviews "The New Series" DVDs from Oliver Edwards' "Essential Skills" DVD series.

Click here for the review.



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For general fishing advice, casting advice, tackle advice and so on, visit the Board; it's the best most incredible group of talented anglers you will find in any one place.
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