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December 2007

Hi Looper,

And welcome to Snapcast December 2007!

It's been a very busy month for us at Sexyloops - we've been busy working on our product line as well as our shopping partners - all will be revealed on Monday!

But before we talk about that, let's talk about the Sexyloops New Year Fly Swap 2008. The Board needs YOU! That's right, the largest flyswap in Sexyloops' History is taking place on the Board, and Rocket Launcher Rich is this year's lucky host. It's not too late to join - everyone is welcome: Join here! [Woolly Buggers preferred.]

Hang on to those shorts, baby, it's all happening.


In this Fantastic Snapcast:
  • The Sexyloops Wall Calendar 2008 - The Year of the Big Fish
  • Sexyloops Caps
  • Fish Food
  • RIO Aqualux
  • Big Butts
  • Galvin Torque Reel
  • Varivas
  • Sexyloops Flyfisherman of the Year!
  • In the next Snapcast for Sexyloopers

  • Sexyloops Caps
    X cap

    Last month we launched our Sexyloops Caps (OK this is marketing, but WTF) and anyway, this is definitely something you want to buy. Not only will you look sexy but you'll also catch more fish. And big ones.

    We have two colours, blue (or grey depending on which side of the world you think you are) and black. Many people can't decide which they want and so end up buying both. This is a good plan.

    On the front of the hat you'll see the Sexyloops Logo and on the back the clever and witty slogan: "Flyfishing Flycasting & Socks". They're well made and even Paul looks good in one.

    Fish Food
    Listen to the River

    This month Jo Meder reviews Fish Food, which is another book he really likes. He tells me he's saving the books he doesn't like for later, so that's something to look forward to...

    Ralph Cutter has done something not a lot of other people have - he's spent an awful lot of time underwater observing the insects and other creatures trout like to eat. A lot of us pay attention on the water to the various foodstuffs available to our quarry, picking up rocks to see what's there, keeping an eye out for anything hatching and similar. While it certainly helps, it doesn't really give the full picture. We don't see how what we are looking at out of the water actually looks when it's down under the water. Fish Food helps to shed some light on the watery underworld.

    RIO Aqualux
    The Directory

    Following last month's SA review which Bob has since apologised for, this month sees a review of RIO's Aqualux, which Bob thinks is better anyway.

    Last season, I fished a small, hard to reach lake on new Zealand's South island with Carl McNeil and Peter Morse. We'd had to pack our gear through miles of thorn bush and some of the most soul destroying bog I've ever encountered to get there. We went in as light as possible, of course, knowing it would be tough, but Morsie, always ready for anything, not only packed in his inflatable float boat and heavy camera gear, he packed in a full set of spools and lines. Carl and I decided that floaters would cover any situation we were likely to encounter.....

    Big Butts

    And now here's a message from one of our sponsors, Big Butts...

    BIG BUTTS are great; they're BIG, they're BAD and they're BUGLY. That's right folks, if you want a BIG BUTT like DEANO then ask him about his special BIG BUTT diet for Sexyloopers. As we say at BIG BUTTS, if it's not BIG it's not a BUTT!

    Galvin Torque Reel

    This appears to be the "What I want for Christmas review special". Which it is of course; here at Sexyloops we meticulously planned this months in advance and this no doubt means that next in the next issue have lots of featured articles and no reviews. That's life and here at Sexyloops we never do the same thing once. That's why we're so good of course. Here's Eric...

    Galvan fly reels are made in the foothills of the Sierra in Sonora, California near the border of the Stanislaus National Forest. Between tall pines clinging to granite, snowmelt rolls down into the valley and spills into the Delta and then San Francisco Bay. Over the last 14 years Galvan's built a devoted following based on their "Standard" trout reel followed by the similar but large arbor "OB - Open Back" series. A couple years back, about the time I was looking for a reel for my #5, they redesigned their drag and released the Rush and the Torque. After looking at several in a similar range, I ended up with the Torque T-4 (4-5 line weight range) painted semi-gloss black.

    Spudz -  Micro-Fiber cleaning cloths

    Some great hooks reviewed here by Viking Lars. Varivas sounds a lot like Viking Lars but they are not in fact the same. If you're unsure as to which is which, Varivas is a cool fishing tackle manufacturer producing a bunch of great products, including hooks, whereas Viking Lars is a hideous 7ft Viking who yells loudly and throws his rod around like a battle-axe. It's a mistake you're only likely to make once.

    About half a year ago, the UK Varivas-dealer sent me a set of Varivas-hooks - nice fellow, eh? Fishingmatters has a Directory-listing too. I've been tying flies and fishing with the hooks on and off since.

    Sexyloops Flyfisherman of the Year!
    Eric, Flyfisherman of the Year

    Through hard work, daring and an ability to get up very early in the morning, as well as stay up very late at night, dedication to the cause and a now FFF CI, ERIC is Sexyloops Flyfisherman of the Year. That's right folks, even uglier than Lars, but slightly more intelligent, here's a few words I made up for him:

    Thanks dude, it wasn't easy out here over the edge, but following the inspiration of Ron I knew I had it in me and I fought tooth and nail, woolly bugger and para- adams, and I came through. Paul can someone else handle the next Snapcast please? I know you're really good at it but Lars wants a go and I think you should let him. Thanks, Eric [Sexyloops Flyfisherman of the Year].

    In the next Snapcast for Sexyloopers

    A review of RIO's new Gold Line (which has just arrived here in Hungary, Land of Ice), articles from top flyfishermen around the world, editorial from Lars (it was Eric's great idea) and some other shit. Have a MF Christmas!


    The Sexyloops Wall Calendar 2008 - The Year of the Big Fish
    Snake Roll

    Our first Sexyloops Calendar. A great Sexyloops photo for every month (all twelve of them) - well OK eleven GREAT pictures and one of Daniel's which crept in by mistake. Buy this calendar and guess which one. Lucky winners will receive one days fishing with Daniel and a signed copy of his underpants.

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