Sexyloops Snapcast!
May 2009 edition

It's May. And that means one thing only; it's review time at Sexyloops. None of those annoying articles about how to catch more fish and look sexier while you're doing it. No, we're only interested in putting you right with the gear you may - or may not (this is Sexyloops) - need on the riverbank. The May Sexyloops Review Extravaganza Special Edition... hang on to your shorts baby.

We hope to see you guys at the Scottish Meet!

Cheers, Paul



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Review: Barr Flies
by Jo Meder

"Barr Flies" describes and gives exceptional step-by-steps (done by Charlie Craven) for tying John Barr's flies, such as the Copper John and many others.

Click here for the review.


Review: CF Burkheimer - Presentation 489-4
by Will Shaw

Will Shaw confronts his market-speak predjudices with the CF Burkheimer Presentation 8' 9" 4wt rod.

See how he gets on here.



Flytackle Europe
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Article: Explaining the Double Haul
by Stefan Siikavaara

We lied! It's not all reviews. Stefan writes about explaining complex ideas in simple ways to casting students, using the double haul as an example.

Read it here.


Review: Essential Skills with Oliver Edwards - Part 3
by Viking Lars

Lars takes a look at the third part of Oliver Edwards' Essential Skills series, the "Essential Patterns" DVDs.

Check out his review.



Stealth and Streetwear
Sexyloops high quality fishing clothing, the very best in hats, hoodies and fleecewear. Handmade by us in New Zealand, home of the Big Fish.


Review: Fool's Paradise
by Will Shaw

"Fool's Paradise" is the latest book from prolific author John Gierarch.

Find out what Will thinks of it.


Review: Inside Fly Tying
by Jo Meder

"Inside Fly Tying" by Dick Talleur is a potentially interesting book with a rather deceptive cover.

Read the review.



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For general fishing advice, casting advice, tackle advice and so on, visit the Board; it's the best most incredible group of talented anglers you will find in any one place.
Paul can be contacted at but be prepared for Spam filters!

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