Snapcast - May '06
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May 2006

Hey Sexylooper,

Well, itís official. Reading Sexyloops and Snapcast now not only makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, they soften your hands while you do dishes, brighten your teeth and make you last longer in bed.

As usual, heaps of good stuff for you in this edition, and even more scintillating articles coming up next month. Many thanks to the ĎLoopers that have submitted so many great articles, weíll sift through them and publish the best over the upcoming months.

I felt I needed to do a little explanation about the brotherhood and the faith. I can assure you that this has nothing to do with the public criticism I have received from our most valued members of the female community that may (or may not) have felt offended by any comments made by either myself, or, myself. Not to mention the confusion experienced by our brothers of religious devotion or equminical persuasion.

The brotherhood: A non sexual reference referring to the camaraderie, mateship, universal friendship, shared id and deep understanding that comes from fly fishing.

The Faith: A general understanding of the above, with a bit of greeny, appreciating the great outdoors, and general smug feeling that we know better than most about what the hell makes the planet go Ďround.

Now that we've got that lot out in the open, on with the show!


In this Snapcast:
  • A Step by Step guide to Sexyloops -By Bill Gammel
  • SAGE FLi fly rod - And the winner is...
  • Gear Review - Slick Stream Fly-line, Magnus.
  • RICE Therapy- Help! My arm's fallen off! by Dr. Gary Eaton
  • Dear Doris
  • De Vice! - The Vosseler fly tying vice.
  • Sexyloops G-Spot
  • In the Next Snapcast

  • SAGE FLi fly rod - And the winner is...
    Sage FLi

    We took all the people who forwarded last months Snapcast (one entry for each time Snapcast was forwarded); and all new signups and put them in the draw for the Sage Fli rod.

    The winner we pulled out was Lionel Gavin; which didnít come as too much of a surprise as he forwarded our newsletter to well over 100 people.
    What did come as a surprise was the thought that Lionel might have over 100 friends. Scary.
    Congratulations Lionel, well done. Sage will fire out your new rod shortly.

    Donít feel disappointed if you didnít win this one, we still have plenty of Sage goodies up our sleeves, and theyíll be making guest appearances in more competitions over the upcoming months.

    Gear Review - Slick Stream Fly-line, Magnus.

    Slick Stream 7/8 WF floating fly-line.
    The conditions for test casting the Slick Stream were not ideal. Spring has sprung but whoever decided Spring starts on the 1st of March rather than the vernal equinox doesnít live in Scotland, so, having found a moment of drizzle between snow showers.
    The Slick Stream is a limp line, even in cold conditions it has little coil memory, what it has casts out easily. Coil memory has become something of an obsession with UK fly fishers so that should suit UK anglers well.

    RICE Therapy- Help! My arm's fallen off! by Dr. Gary Eaton

    You've just thrown a personal best in the preliminaries of the distance competition qualifying for the finals in two days! Yeah Baby! Everything's going your way. As you raise your arm in triumph, it promptly falls off! Noooo! Actually, it's still attached, but there's a sore area. Whew! There's no chance of professional help, and you want to keep from making it worse before the finals.

    What would be a good physical strategy?
    R.I.C.E. THERAPY to the rescue!

    Dear Doris

    This month, Doris pops in to help out with a tricky question

    Dear Doris
    For some time now Iíve been thinking about getting a Prince Albert. I think it might be handy to attach a zinger to. What do you think?

    Dear Paul
    My word!
    Well Paul, first you need to understand that a good quality ring is made from Gold, which is a non ferrous metal. This would mean that you are not going to be able to use one of those fancy magnetic attachments, but would have to go for a clamp or clip of some sort. Given the position of the attachment I donít think it wise to be fumbling around with a clamp anywhere near your willy!
    Safety is a prime concern. Iím assuming that your ĎZingerí will be exposed, and you donít want to see it hooking up in the bushes and brambles Ė at least I certainly donít!
    Iím also not sure if we should be encouraging men to run around the river with their willies hanging out, best go for something a little more conventional I think, like a nice earring or tattoo.

    Kindest Regards

    De Vice! - The Vosseler fly tying vice.

    Not only do Vosseler produce excellent fly reels, but they also produce a unique fly tying vice.

    Machined and finished in the manner weíve come to expect from German engineering; the Vosseler vice also comes equipped with a full blaupunkt hi fi system, traction control, ABS and very clever GPS system.
    And if those features arenít enough for you, the Vosseler vice also features a cunning hook grasp system and a unique suction base - Just the ticket for sucking onto the bonnet of your truck when youíre in the boonies and need to whip up a few Woolly Buggers; or, in Pauls case, something olive that could possibly be any number of flys.

    The vice comes with a head designed to tie size 12 hooks and above, and very soon Mr Vosseler will be releasing a ĎMidge Headí designed to grab those fiddly little buggers that are size 12 and smaller.

    Because heís an all round good guy, Ralf Vosseler has decided to give one away to Snapcast readers. To win the very clever Vosseler vice, youíll have to do something very clever.
    Tie up an original, new fly, something that weíve not seen before and youíve not tied before.
    Give it a name, and post a pic up in the fly tying section of the Sexyloops board.

    Youíve got a month to come up with your new fly Ė entries with traction control, GPS and blaupunkt hi fiís will be judged favourably.

    (If you win, you'll also have to send your winning fly over to Ralf. - Yes really)

    Sexyloops G-Spot
    Gspot photo

    Within a huge caldera, this colorful rock park sizzles and pops with hot springs and a steady geyser. It has gates of gold and silver, sheer cliffs, rivers, and deep canyons. A cutthroat swims its waters and shares its name. A conclave is being held nearby in late July.

    Name the park and give approximate coordinates for an entry to win. 5 of the correct entries, drawn in a sort random way (I'm open to bribes in the form of tackle), will receive a Sexyloops "Flyfishing, Flycasting, and Socks" sticker.

    Send your entry to Eric!

    In the Next Snapcast

    Well, as I sit here on Saturday evening; quaffing a moderately good New Zealand Chardonnay and dreaming of Ari t hart reels, I can honestly say Ė I have absolutely no idea.
    We could have a great article on winter fishing for chunky rainbows in central New Zealand from Bish - If I could just find it.
    I do have an awesome piece on how to catch monster browns -the photos on this one are amazing.
    We might also feature an intriguing article on the history of cane rods, (that's rods, not toads) and we might even show you how to cook a decent camp feed.
    What I can guarantee, is a brilliant article on how to make your own welded loops from Lasse, a challenging piece on shooting heads from Lars, some more reviews from the review guys, and some other stuff that Iím yet to make up.

    Until then, take care, be bad, and look after a river.

    Cheers, from the guys (and grills) from Sexyloops.
    Paul, Lars, Ben, Eric, Carlos, Magnus, Bob, Doris, and me, bumcast.

    A Step by Step guide to Sexyloops -By Bill Gammel

    (This article has been up on the site for a while, but for those new to Sexyloops, itís worth pointing out again. ~Ed)

    Well, if you are reading this article, you have discovered the wonderful world of Sexyloops.
    Sexyloops is not just a web site, but a state of mind. It is an area on the web like no other. You can become totally immersed in the sport of fly fishing. You can read about fly casting, fishing destinations, fly tying, the life of a traveling trout bum, but most of all you have direct access to the most knowledgeable group of people that I personally have found on the web.

    You can ask any question, no matter how simple, and one or several of a group of people will answer you to the best of their ability. The leader is a trout bum by the name of Paul Arden. If it is possible, he is an expert fly fisherman. Paul is extremely knowledgeable in most, if not all, aspects of the sport. If you are in search of fly casting knowledge, then there should be no question that you are in the right place.

    Read on...
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    Hauls loops and line speed, how are they related?

    Rod length, relevance to distance.

    Night Fly Fishing

    Characteristics of the soft hackle, why the styles of SH's look as they do


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