April edition 2008 
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Fly Reel Drags
Springforelle Amadou
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Mastering the Art

This issue is the Feb/March/April mega issue all rolled into one spectacular Snapcast.
We did this on purpose, however it also means that Eric's fantastic BOW piece is outdated, because Eric didn't know we were doing this (pay attention Eric). So anyway, here is Eric's BOW [Sacramento] article in its full glory.
What else? Oh yes you'll notice that we have a new layout. I didn't mean to do this; it just happened. I'm still hoping either Seanie or Jo take over Snapcast - you'll love it guys and you know you want to.
Have a great Spring or Autumn.
Mr Sexyloops 
President of Hungary
Quick Links
Measuring Swingweight
Grunde LÝvoll and Magnus Angus come up with a method of measuring flyrod swingweight in this issue's featured article.
Fly Reel Drags and Stuff 
by Sakari Siipilehto
"A month ago, I asked Sakari to break down the various types of drags. He's a wealth on the Board when it comes to reels. He's torn apart the basic types as well as variants and other great features. Let's hope he can get all these pieces back together. I have a feeling he'll have them running and pulling in salmon by morning. ~Eric"    Fly Reel Drags
Spey to ZReview: Springforelle Amadou  
Back in 1991, on a glacier high on the mountain border between Austria and Italy, climbers found a corpse. They reported their find and the authorities investigated. But this was no modern crime scene, very quickly the police called out Lars' archaeological colleagues. They had found the Iceman, an incredibly well preserved 5000 year old Neolithic man.  Springforelle Amadou 
Spey to Z10 Step Guide to Better Flyfishing Photos 
1. Bring your camera! This might sound stupid but the most common reason for missing great shots is not bringing your camera. more from Jan Kristensen..
 Review: Mastering the Art of Fly Tying  
Jo Meder writes, "Unfortunately, while this book has the potential to be useful, it also has some fatal flaws..."
Spey to Z Fishstats  
"Statistical Analysis Flyfishing Success Rates" by Sudesh Pursad: It all started way back in 2002...
Upcoming Events
Scottish Meet May 16th or something like that. We'll also be having the Monks Casting day the day before. Lots of casting on the Saturday, fishing on the Sunday. The Revolution will be screened for the first time in public. There will be flytying demos, casting demos, shootouts and games, some really bad piano playing (God help us), various presentations from people we know and lots of beer. Also keep an eye on the FP weekly news: there are a couple of events in Germany well worth attending. The Board.
Closing Headline
Thank your customer, tell them how valuable they are to you, but don't go overboard. Insincerity is easy to spot.
Thanks guys, we love you. Especially Eric.
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