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March 2006

Hey Sexylooper,

Welcome to another enthraling edition of Snapcast, where what we lack in content we make up for in prizes!

Lots of goodies to give away in this issue, and we’ve got more amazing sponsors gear coming up from Sage and Vosseler, so stay tuned.
This month we’ve also got a great new feature dreamt up by Eric. Check it out at the bottom of the page.

Don’t forget the upcoming 2006 FFF Conclave. Bozeman, Montana , July 25 – 29.
If early indications are anything to go by we’ll have a fairly strong contingent of ‘Loopers at Bozeman this year. We’ve got a thread on the board about the Conclave, so if you’re intending to head out to Montana let us know so we can keep an eye out for you.
If you are considering attending but haven’t yet made up your mind, I encourage you to front up. The Conclave promises to be a truly excellent event and we’d like to meet as many of the Sexyloops brother AND sisterhood as possible.
If you think there’s not enough on the conclave schedule to keep you entertained (which is highly unlikely) Rich is shouting Beers for every ‘Looper that turns up, Paul will be wearing a suit and giving lectures on tantric sex whilst riding a Jetski, and I’ll be giving driving lessons. So there should be something for everyone.

Registrations for the Conclave are expected to open on April 10
Keep an eye on the FFF Conclave site for more details here


In this Snapcast:
  • Put and Take. By Bob Wyatt.
  • Partridge Hook Draw - and the winners are...
  • Sexyloops Profile - Eric Wonhof aka "Eric"
  • Bob Wrote a Book
  • ...and Mel Made a DVD
  • A Word From Our Sponsors. 3M Scientific Anglers
  • GSpot

  • Partridge Hook Draw - and the winners are...

    We were inundated with entries for this one. The answer was of course “Niflor”
    We’ve randomly (yes really) selected the winners from each hook category, if the winners could fire me a delivery address I’ll get those sexy Partridge hooks out to you as soon as.

    Tony Loader – Klinkerhammer hooks
    Ian Mackenzie - Czech Nymph
    Mark Sadler - Ad Swier Absolute Pike hooks

    Well done and congratulations!, and many thanks to Partridge of Redditch for supplying the prizes.

    Sexyloops Profile - Eric Wonhof aka "Eric"

    "I grew up in Nevada and Idaho occasionally spin fishing, but it was usually involved with camping, hunting, hiking or just getting out. After school, I bounced around through a couple jobs, obsessed with skiing, music and seal's fur. Ended up getting into drafting and mechanical design which I've been doing for the last 10 years at a pump company. I really got into computers, and I'm almost always in front of one at home or two at work (one running calculations, the other usually has sexyloops dwelling somewhere on the task bar). I have a real affinity and aptitude for mechanical engineering, and became wholely engrossed in it for several years to the exclusion of almost everything else. A few years ago, a friend from Washington got into fly fishing, and talks with him plowed the ground for my fishing seed which had laid dormant for so long. It finally germinated two years ago, when another close friend received a rod as a gift, an older coworker brought up flyfishing, and I found myself with a few extra dollars. Soon after, we'd chosen a 6wt 9' beginner combo kit which I could use on the local water. A week later, it arrived on my doorstep. So many cool pieces! Rod, reel, line, backing, leaders, flies, a small box, floatant, nippers, hemostats, zingers, and a small pack! It was great and completely overwhelming. Luckily, the fine older gent (and wicked roll caster!) at my office gave me a copy of the Curtis Creek Manifesto. I poured through it and was soon rigged up. Then came casting. I forget what the exact search that brought me to Sexyloops, but it immediately stood out with more than just a stray comment on casting. A week was spent on just the first couple pages of the beginners section. A couple weeks later, I was lurking the board. Finally, I posted and joined the mayhem.

    Even though I'm in Nevada, the driest and most mountainous state in the US with average 7" annual rainfall and 150 seperate ranges, I'm on the western edge which gets more water through a winter snowpack. It's a broad and beautiful landscape if you can embrace the openness of the high desert. Learning my home waters has been my goal so far; there's a lot trout fishing on small rivers and some stillwaters. A couple fishing trips away have been nice, but without enough time I don't feel connected to the land as much. It's nice to have visits, but I love seeing how favorite spots are doing that day. It feels personal. A stubborn pride in my area will find me fishing an alkali flat before it's done!"

    Bob Wrote a Book

    Many of you will be aware that our own Bob Wyatt wrote a book called “Trout Hunting – The Pursuit of Happiness”.
    If you’ve ever grappled with the plethora of theories on trout selectivity and trout fishing in general, this book is a must read.

    We’ve managed to wrestle an autographed copy of Trout Hunting to give away to Snapcast readers (thanks Bob)
    If you’d like to go into the sweepstake to win this literary giant just drop us an email with 'Trout Hunting' in the subject line. Don’t forget to include your delivery address.

    Check out Bobs site:

    If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, we have it on good authority that Amazon have the best deal.

    ...and Mel Made a DVD

    And we're giving it away.
    Flycasting Faults and Fixes with Mel Krieger This reference work of flycasting faults and their solutions is designed for instructors and fly fishers who take their casting seriously. Mel is known throughout the world as the leading instructor on flycasting. His casting workshops, clinics, numerous books and videos have displayed his love for casting, and the caster, for over 30 years. Beginning with the mechanics of fly casting, Mel demonstrates and analyses open and tailing loop shapes, good timing, roll casts, curve casts, power application, double haul, Spey casting with a single hand rod, push vs. pull through, last cast syndrome, and many other common casts. This DVD with eight chapters plus three bonus features is a great introduction for those who do not know Mel, his alter ego Joe Schmakapop, and his humorous clear cut explanations. Moreover, for those who own his book ‘The Essence of Flycasting’ it is a wonderful complement.

    Peer Doering-Arjes from has been good enough to give us two copies of Flycasting Faults and Fixes to give away. To go into the draw send us an email with 'Flycasting Faults and Fixes' in the subject line. Tell us what you believe to be the main cause of tailing loops and you’re in to win. (That should prompt some discussion on the board) Again, please include a shipping address. Flycasting Faults and Fixes and the other DVD’s in Mels series are available online from Peer’s website.

    A Word From Our Sponsors. 3M Scientific Anglers

    Mastery Nymph
    The Mastery Nymph line has been  in the SA offering since 1992, but in 2004 a major redesign was done to change the way the line performed to match emerging nymphing techniqes. The original line was a fairly typical WF design that turned over weighted flies and indicators well when cast overhead and had a long enough head to allow good line control out to normal nymph fishing ranges. In the last few years anglers have discovered that a variety of single hand spey techniques work very well for nymphing and a redesign of the line to match that use was done. The extra weight and resistance of heavy flies, weighted leaders and strike indicators have always made overhead casting nymph rigs unpleasant.
    Spey techniques are especially well suited to throwing these rigs, but standard WF and DT lines made for single hand rods don't spey cast particularly well.
    The Mastery Nymph line has a profile much like most spey lines made today. These lines have a powerful front taper and medium length level belly, followed by a second belly section that tapers larger all the way to the 15 ft. long rear taper. Total head length is about 66 ft.  Having the second belly section get heavier as as it approaches the rear taper is one key to this lines performance.
    Since most spey techniques apply power to line in the "D" loop, having enough weight there to drive the rest of the line is key. Most anglers using these lines are fishing big water and have a need to deliver their terminal gear 60-80 ft. This is a mighty tough overhand cast with a 9 ft. single hand rod and conventional WF line, especially when standing knee deep in water.

    For best results with the Mastery Nymph lines 9.5-10 ft. rods are used and any spey technique that a caster might use with a two hand rod will work.
    Once the line is on the water the long head, combined with the control abilities of a longer rod, allow line control at long ranges to control the drift.

    So, if you need the ability to deliver drift rigs long distances and have superior line control once the drift starts, you really should consider the Mastery Nymph line. It does also cast well overhead, but the line really shines when used with spey techniques.

    -Bruce Richards, 3M Scientific Anglers

    To get your hands on the SA Mastery Nymph line, drop us an email at and tell us how many Fly lines Scientific Anglers list on their site. Put 'Mastery Nymph' in the subject and give us your adress!


    Google SexyEarth Spot Latitude, Longitude: 44.09411° , -121.74651°
    These volcanos rise to the east of a river that gave name to a popular drift boat style with a high bow point and small rear transom. The range bears the same name as a flavorful hop used in some American beers.  Name this SexyEarth Spot on the board!

    Put and Take. By Bob Wyatt.

    With the demise of so many great fishing waters, and increasing pressure on the remaining wild fisheries, the best thing that has come down the pike for fly fisherman is the put and take fishery. Let's face it, who has the time these days to put in the hours, years for chrissake, necessary to catch sufficient numbers of wild trout to be able to call yourself an angler? Well, nowadays, with these fantastic put and take fisheries, all that lore and experience stuff about flies and hatches and so on is just a bunch of boring old crap preached by boring old farts. No wonder the kids aren't interested in fishing anymore.

    And, even better, the P&T waters are just getting better all he time. No nettles, brambles or mud, all nice green grass and neat wood and concrete jetties to fish from, no need for waders and all the paraphernalia. Your nice expensive Nikes stay as clean as when you stepped out of the car, only feet away from the old fishing hole. And the fish keep getting bigger! We no longer have to work so hard for weenie little sprats like on the so-called wild waters. Now the time put in is worth something, all these fish are whoppers, easy two pounds and up. Some are real hawgs too, over twenty pounds of fighting rainbow swimming around out there in plain sight, with its mouth open. It's better than Playstation!

    Read on...
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