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January 2008

Hi Sexylooper,

And welcome to the first Snapcast of 2008 - the Year of the Big Fish.

This Snapcast comes to you slightly later than planned because I caught the Lurgy - as well as one immense pike - while Ice Fishing in Hungary and have been on my deathbed ever since. Lars said to me, "What's the Lurgy, Paul? It sounds bad." I said, "it is bad Lars; only the Hardcore survive."

Viking Lars has been pretty Hardcore this month and provided most of the content - thanks Lars. This is the year it all happens; we'll be ten in September, by which time we'll be well under way in our Global Domination plans.

Last month we announced our partnership with Ray Schmidt, subscribe to his membership for free with the group code: "Sexyloops" and receive discounts, reduced shipping charges and other exciting benefits. Make any purchase as a Sexylooper and receive free membership to Sexyloops. 2008 - have a Great Year.

Cheers, Paul

In this Great Snapcast:
  • The Sexyloops Wall Calendar 2008 - The Year of the Big Fish
  • Mel Krieger's Patagonia
  • Orvis Zero Gravity
  • The Goddard Poly Sedge - by Viking Lars!
  • A Foam Odyssey
  • Sheepgirl Rings
  • And finally...

  • Mel Krieger's Patagonia

    Mel Krieger's Patagonia is not like any other flyfishing DVD that I've seen. There's not much educational content, not much on fishing tactics, not much on flies and how to choose them!

    Then what? Mel Krieger's Patagonia is a DVD Mel Krieger's history with Patagonia. 40 years of travelling in Argentina has given Mel Krieger a unique outlook on the country, its history, its people, its landscape and in particular its rivers and their finned inhabitants.

    Orvis Zero Gravity
    Orvis ZG

    In general, I'm more concerned with the way a rod performs than the way it looks, but I have to say, the Orvis Zero Gravity-series are beautiful rods.
    From the bottom and up, the reelseat sports a beautiful, light hue Tiger Maple insert. The end cap doubles as an uplocking nickel silver reelseat, which is a nice detail, albeit a little heavy.

    The Goddard Poly Sedge - by Viking Lars!

    The name gives away the source of inspiration for this fly. I've been tying and fishing the Goddard Sedge for years, and I've been happy with it. It performs great in rough water and low light conditions as it rides high for a long time. However, I really hate spinning deerhair and once wet, it's difficult to dry properly. That prompted me to begin thinking about another type of fly that contained the same basic elements - silhouette and super floatability. And hence the Goddard Poly Sedge. The first versions were tied during the winter with no possiblity to test-fish them, so I sent a batch down to Paul in NZ, and as far as I remember, he really liked them. More were given a away and some were sent to Scandinavian brethren, who regularly fish segde-hatches. They also reported back that the fly worked great in low light, fast water and was excellent when skated.

    A Foam Odyssey

    Stu Tripney is an ex-Scot, New Zealand guide and fly tyer, A Foam Odyssey is about his fishing and fly designs.

    We all know New Zealand is one of THE trout destinations: this is the first time I've seen flies designed for those waters. Most Videos and DVDs I've seen suggest anglers use familiar flies, sometimes slightly adapted to suit NZ fishing - Stu seems to be on path of his own.

    Sheepgirl Rings

    This question comes up about a several times a year on the board. And it's due time that we put the answer where we can find it!

    And finally...
    Paul, climbing down a tree

    Here is a picture of my bottom, for my bank manager.


    The Sexyloops Wall Calendar 2008 - The Year of the Big Fish
    Snake Roll

    Last chance to buy our Sexyloops Calandar 2008. There is Manshit, Fishporn, Sexy Babus and one of Daniel's pictures. Deano has just worked out that he is December - taken from his best angle of course.

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