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January 2006

Hey Sexylooper,

Welcome to the first issue of Snapcast!

Simply by reading this newsletter, your loops will become more sexy, you’ll catch more fish and yes, you will become more attractive to the ladies – so read on!

There are heaps of goodies for you this month and plenty more on their way. Each month we’ll be serving you up a smorgasbord of articles, casting tips, advice, looper profiles, prizes, sponsors giveaways and the odd sock.

We’re always on the lookout for great articles and tips. If you have something that’s worthy of print, fire it through to And feel free to give us some feedback and ideas on what you’d like to see each month. (Praise, words of support and small expensive gifts are always welcome!)

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Be sure to get an entry in for the Partridge hook giveaway, I’ve got a pile of hooks here to send out.

Next month we've got a great article from Bob Wyatt lined up AND a chance to win an autographed copy of his book - plus some other stuff. The Boards down due to a fault with our ISP - we're hunting them down now, so bare with us. Tune into the Sexyloops FP for updates.

On behalf of the Sexyloops editorial team (which runs into the hundreds), Eric the fish, Ron the sheep, and Paul - Best wishes for 2006, tight lines and sexyloops!


In this Snapcast:
  • Tying the Scandinavian tubefly. By Viking Lars
  • Sexylooper Profile - PETER MORSE (aka Morsie)
  • Exposing Yourself - Advice to Prospective Casting Instructors. - Guy Manning
  • A Word from our sponors. This month, Partridge of Reddich

  • Sexylooper Profile - PETER MORSE (aka Morsie)

    Home base: Blue Mountains - 1.5 hours west of Sydney – Australia.
    Favourite fly: Fat Boy
    Favourite author: Fishing - Thomas McGuane Fiction – Cormac Mcarthy. (Border Trilogy)
    Favourite song: Impossible to select, my musical taste runs from Townes Van Zandt, John Prine, Guy Clark, Neil Young, Steve Young, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Ted Hawkins, through all the blues masters, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, to the Rolling Stones, Dylan, and even to U2 etc. (wow, even U2! ~Ed')

    I enjoy all types of fly fishing hence “I haven’t caught a bad fish yet” but if I had one day left to go fishing where I’d been before it would be Key West tarpon fishing in late May, if it was one day doing something I hadn’t done before it would (probably) be for Atlantic salmon on the Kola Peninsula.

    Have written two books and been the presenter of a 26 episode fishing series on TV called “Wildfish”. Still involved in DVD production and write on fly fishing for half a dozen assorted magazines. Currently hold two fly fishing world records – yellowfin tuna – 93 lbs, and narrow barred mackerel – 43 lbs.

    Member of Team Sage.

    Working on more books. Next book “One Rod, One Year, 100 Species”.

    Morsie's Fishing tip: Most fish are missed through premature struckulation. I fish for a very wide range of species and have caught well over 200 in my life and consider the strike to be crucial. Often you want to wait until you actually feel weight before setting the hook whether its setting it with a lift of the rod or a strip strike. As I get older and my reaction times slow I find I’m missing fewer fish. Also learn to bend a rod correctly when fighting a fish – too many are pussies on fish, the fight is in the butt of the rod, bend it low and bend it flat, change the angle of pull constantly especially when the fish gets close, work the fish over, don’t play with it, you owe it the respect of fighting it HARD. I really believe that through good rod work we can dominate a fish very quickly. There’s no such thing as bad fish – they all teach us something and think of all those poor bastards in the world who can’t catch a thing no matter how good the guide they employ or the tackle they own is.

    Exposing Yourself - Advice to Prospective Casting Instructors. - Guy Manning

    Many of those people desiring to teach casting have spent a lot of time learning by themselves without benefit of a peer group of other casters. This is unfortunate but unavoidable in many cases. Surprisingly enough having a group of like minded people to exchange ideas with, and to cast with, will greatly increase your learning curve. It also helps you learn to observe casting faults and communicate casting ideas.

    I was fortunate enough to belong to one of the top Casting Clubs in the US when I first picked up fly fishing. The instruction level and knowledge I gained there has been invaluable. But I also realized that there were other people in the sport who had something to teach me. I take every opportunity to listen to others teach when ever it is possible. I have learned at least one tip or technique from every person I have watched or listened to over the past 16 years. All of these little bits of knowledge have contributed to my skills as an instructor and have been instrumental in broadening my views on casting.

    Though you often have to know when to separate the “Style” from the “Substance” during someone’s presentation, exposing yourself to other instructors is one of the best things you can do for the development of your teaching skills. So remember, regardless of how good you think you may be, any time you get a chance expose yourself to the knowledge and observations of others.

    Copyright Guy Manning 2006

    A Word from our sponors. This month, Partridge of Reddich

    Partridge of Redditch have recently released an exciting range of new hooks. Klinkhamer Extreme, Czech Nymph fine wire, and Absolute Pike have been added to the already comprehensive range of Partridge hooks. Better yet, we’re giving away a set of these hooks to Snapcast readers!

    Klinkhamer Extreme Code: 15BNX sizes 8 - 20 Partridge has made the Klinkhemer hook for many years, but without a sharp kink on the shank. This has now been added to the new Klinkhamer extreme. On the short shank behind the eye you can tie the parachute and leave the rest of the body (behind the straight shank) submerged. This makes a perfect emerger. The hook is slightly kirbed for improved hooking.
    Feedback on this hook has been very positive. Some people will tie the fly upside down on this hook (Waterwisp style). No hook is shown below water. Strike only after the traditional God Save the Queen followed by two Ave Maria's. Waiting before striking is key here.

    Czech Nymph Fine Wire Code: CZF sizes This is a follow up on our last years Original Czech Nymph which was too heavy. Barbless with a sidekicked point makes this hook the ideal tool when Czech nymphing. Great success with shrimp patterns as well.

    Ad Swier Absolute Pike Code CS45BN sizes 6/0 - 4 Ad Swier is a well known Dutch Pike fisherman over here. We made a hook with him 10 years ago called the Ad Swier Pike hook (Code CS43 in sizes 8/0 - 4/0) which did sell reasonably well. This new 'Absolute' development has many more applications (streamers, Saltwater flies etc...) This hook is barbless.

    The magic of the famous Partidge hooks has made its way via fly lines into rods and reels to give the angler the ultimate angling experience.

    Win loads of sexy hooks from Partridge of Redditch
    Partridge Hooks
    To go into the draw for a selection of Partridge's new hooks, simply visit the Partridge website and email us what type of finish is put on their Grey Shadow hooks. Make sure you tell us your preference for Pike, Klinkerhammer or fine wire Czech Nymph. Send your entrys to

    Many thanks to Ole Bjerke from Partridge of Redditch for this months prizes – Thanks Ole!

    Winners will be announced in next months Snapcast

    Partridge Website

    Tying the Scandinavian tubefly. By Viking Lars

    The Scandinavian style of tubeflies differ quite a lot from the old, English style and the American style. What characterises the Scandinavian tubefly is mobility, long wide wings, short or shortish tubes and soft materials that are very alive in the water. The latest addition of significance is the conehead. The style of fly was originally popularised by Haakon Norling, whom by some is considered the father of the Scandinavian style of tube fly, and Mikael Frödin. Today, Mikael Frödin is the foremost exponent of this style of fly and he's among the very best tyers of modern, hairwing salomonflies today.

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