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Tulum Day

Why do we doing like that, you will ask me? Tomorrow morning, after lethal TULUM night, we prefer to start fishing with previous rigged rods, with our preferred flies already attached and ready for fishing. If somebody forgot to do that, it is most probably impossible that he can fish up to the later afternoon or even next day. Why? Because of hell's hectic headache, tremendous shaking of hands, murky sight(or no sight at all), dehydrated body, pain in every bloody bones he got etc,etc. He is not able to attach the fly on his tippet. Absolutely not able. Even he offer 100 Euros to somebody for help, offer will be rejected! Simply because catching a nice fish that Day, is very important to us, we're considering that the rest of the Year will be like our First Fly Fishing Tulum Day. Superstition or not, doesn't matter, but it works!


Edited by Zoran

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