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Bunch of Rods

OK, as promised on FP, there is the thing you donít know about Fly Fishing Rods:
It took me lots of time to understand why the word ROAD is so similar ,almost the same with the word ROD. Thatís why I often make mistake, saying or writing ROD, but I actually think on ROAD and opposite. Ask Gerald Grubscrew, he will tell ya more about thatÖ
Now, I know why.
They, Rods and Roads, are both deeply connected with my life through Fly Fishing. I need rod to fish, but I need road to get there and fish.
More, lots of people are obsessed with rods, me too, and plus I am obsessed with the roads, especially with the rods (You see!) Iíve never been before.
Here in SA, one of my most preferable game is to enjoy traveling some road for the first time in my life.
Discovering a new road is most likely discovering new SheepGirl. The same thing with the new FF Rod. Luckily, in this huge country one can spent entire life discovering new roads, and there will still remains lots of undiscovered onesÖ.
Let leave it for the next life, we mustnít do everything in this oneÖ.

Edited by Zoran

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