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Fiat 750

I was extremely surprised to find there is still some of these (historic) small cars roaring around. Fiat 750, the legend of our youth….

Now, I can have almost the best car for the money one can have, but no one car can beat that feeling of having Fiat 750 back to those days…. Not only that, regarding good vehicle for the heavy fishing terrains, it was the best (and the only one ) 4x 4 one might afford. Because of light weight, when stacked in the mud, it need only two guys to pick up (elevate) it a little bit, put foot on the pedal, and you are again on the road!

No, I’ll not forget to tell ya, with and in this funny can, I’ve discovered for the first time the delicate secrets about gorgeous Sheepgirl, which was so young and naïve as my self. It was rainy, hot summer night, and my Fiat 750 was so dry and safe place. I’ ve got Radio as a bonus, you can imagine the rest…

Now, she is a beautiful, well maintained and happy Grand Ma…

So, thanks to Fiat 750, for all good days (and nights) in fishing and …for the all another important things from our youth..

(someone told me there is a retro version in Italy?)


Edited by Zoran

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