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4 am

This is Ben's latest collection for fishing the highland burns and lochs of Scotland. Unfortunately in his haste to be gone by 4am he forgot to mention why he's taking Surf Candies to Scotland. However this gives me a chance to tell you that I'm behind on my emails. Some of you will already know this of course. The reason is because I was up at 7am this morning, fishing for "gulpers". That may not make sense to you - as it doesn't much to me.
Now, however, I'm in Idaho Falls about to pay a visit on Simon Gawesworth. I told him I was bringing beer and song, which he said he'd enjoy, although he hasn't heard me sing yet. Tomorrow I pick up Lasse from SLC and we'll can hit the Conclave together in Livingston next week. It's all go round here. Have a good trip to Scotland, Ben!
Cheers, Paul

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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