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Picture of the Day
Out West

"Oh no! It's going to rain, Sheepdude"
"Bugger! Quick put on your raincoat"
"Hang on, have you been smoking Seal's Fur?"
"No, why?"
"erm, no worries... so yeah, but if we put on our raincoats then how do we get into our waistcoat pockets Sheepdude?"
"I don't know Fishdude, maybe we could put on our waistcoats over the top of our raincoats?"
"But then won't everything get wet including the waistcoat?"
"Yes, but it's still a very clever system invented by a very smart flyfishing dude and I for one certainly wouldn't criticise it in any way"
"No me neither, although it does remind me a little of Paul wearing his shorts over his polyprops"
"Oh no, we look cool, Paul on the other hand just looks like a dick"

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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