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Today's experience: This little, magnificent creature - a slow worm. A big specimen, almost 40cm long. It's not a snake, but in fact a lizard without limbs, which I find very fascinating. Evolution has selected against limbs since it lives in shrubbery, high grass and vegetation and likes to dig quite a lot. They feed on larvae, small worms and small beetles and other slow insects. They mate in May/June, give brith in August/Septemer and hibernate from October to April/May. The spend the winter in small hives several specimens together, even together with vipers sometimes, which is odd since vipers often feed on slow worms. Very fascinating creature, which you only rarely see, because the spend much of their time underground, and prefer to come up at dusk or during the night. Sometimes you can get luck when it rain, when they come up to feed on worms and to avoid drowning if their hives are flooded. And in Danish they're called steel worms, which is a lot cooler than slow worm, I think :-).

Edited by Viking Lars

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