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Thunder Spey

Famous salmonfly tier and fisherman Michael Frödin from Sweden created a variation over the classic Thunder & Lightning some years ago and called it The Thunder Spey!

Frödin's tie is so much more elegant than this with mallard wing and everything - so this is my variation over his variation. Here goes the pattern:
Hook: Tiemco 202SP #2.
Thread: Black UNI 8/0.
Tag: Lagartun gold Mini FlatBraid.
Tail: Fl. orange Fluorofiber.
Rib: Fl. orange Fluorofiber.
Body: Black flosssilk.
Hackles: First orange (slightly palmered), then black Ringneck Pheasant rumpfeather and then blue Guinea Fowl.

The fly has a wonderful way of "floating" through the water, and the purple variant just popped to mind this evening, and I'm pretty sure it'll be a killer for nightfishing in warn water!

Edited by Viking Lars

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