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Picture of the Day
Steelhead Tube Fly

Tube: No. 3 Frödin FITS tube, magenta.
Body: Mirage Silverflash.
Thorax: Small ball of Purple Ice Dub.
1st hackle: Purple dyed pheasant rump.
1 st wing: Pink Artic Fox w. Pearl Mirrorflash and Purple Holo Flashabou.
2nd wing: Pink Artic Fox, longer than the 1st, Purple Holo Flashabou and Pearl Mirrorflash.
2nd hackle: Hareline Speyplume spun in dubbingloop (to shorten fibers).
Head: Small, silver conehead.

Would something like this catch a steelhead? I'm pretty sure it would catch an early season seatrout here in Denmark. Please give some comments, steelheaders!

Edited by Viking Lars

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