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Pike Flash Streamer

A nice, discreet flash streamer, only about 10 inches long :-). It is in fact a fairly simple tie, but it does take some time, and uses up quite a bit of flash.

Tube: Pro Sportsfisher FlexiTube in black or transparent with a Pro Sportfisher Drop Weight behind that forward flash hackle.
Thread: UNI 8/0, white.
Tail: Green over silver Soft Flash, garnished with a little pearl flash. In front of this a hackle of spun SoftFlash (use flash in full length) in silver topped by a small bunch of green SoftFlash.
Body: None.
Fronthackle: As above - silver SoftFlash in a dubbing loop with green SoftFlash on top. Use flash in full length. In front of this another hackle shorter than the first and also topped with green flash. All garnished with pearl flash
Head: Pro Soprtfisher SoftHead with eyes (larger eyes would have been good, but I've run out).

Even though it's big, it's not difficult to cast if you use the right line. I prefer a shooting head in most situations. In a matter of minutes, I can change from a floater to an intermediate or a sinker, which is a great advantage when pike fishing. But a Rio Pike is not a bad choice either, especially when fishing poppers.

Edited by Viking Lars

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