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Picture of the Day

A mini Surf Candy - not my invention (alas!), but the brilliant design of Bob Popovics.

Hook: Nogales Suwacky #4 (an absolutely awesome hook!).
Thread: White UNI 8/0 or UNI Monofilament.
Tail: White Fluorofibre.
Body: Pearl mylar tinsel (UTC opal in this case).
Wing: White and chartreuse Fluorofibre.
Eyes: 3D Eyes (small).
Head: Tuffleye.

This is a small version - an inch and 3/4 maybe and I tie them even smaller as well.

Modern light cured acrylics and glues have made it so much faster to tie these flies, that's one thing, but another is how the fish actually see this fly.

On the top photo, I've added a little flash to represent what the fly actually looks like in the vice, when I tied it.

The bottom shot shows the fly against the sky (and the light), where all color virtually disappears. Is this how the fish sees the fly if it comes from below? I'm not sure, but I think so.

So should we tie all our bait fish patterns in grey instead and save the we spend buying white, green, olive, grey, pink etc.? I don't think so, because I think that fish often see the fly from the side as well, where the colors will be more visible. And anyway, tying grey flies would be boring :-).

On another note, this is one of my favorite flies for the salt in May. I fish in on an intermediate shooting head (maybe a clear one) and strip really fast! Takes are hard and you loose maybe half of the takes you get, but it's a great tactic that really works.

Edited by Viking Lars

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