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MeltWater TubeFly

Here's one of the flies I've been tying the last couple of weeks. It's tubefly that I first tied 2-3 years ago and one that has become a standard in my inventory. I first thought of as a clearwater fly - originally meant to be fished in fast, clear meltwater in Norway. It has, on the leaders of friends, performed well under those circumstances. But it has also done quite well here at home in more peaty water - as long as there's some light, it seems to do quite well. In case you're interested - here's the pattern:

Tube: Frödin's FITS #3 for outer tubing, FITS #1 for intter tubing, both chartreuse.
Tail: White Fluorofiber, tapered.
Body - rear segment: Mirage Mylar tube.
Body - front half: Pearl Ice Dub.
Palmerhackle: Chartreuse Chinese cock.
Fronthackle 1: Ringneck Pheasant rumphackle dyed Chartreuse.
Underwing: Chartreuse CraftFur - to end of tail, with pearl flash.
Overwing: white CraftFur with pearl flash - double length of tube.
Fronthackle 2: Chartreuse henhackle.
Eyes: Pearl sheets cut to teardrop shape and glued-on 3D eyes.
Head: FITS TurboCone size Small or Medium in chartreuse.

Edited by Viking Lars

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