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Holiday Spey Flies

I think this is a really nice style of spey fly. It's quite simple really - the "spey hackle" is made from fibres from an amherst pheasant tail, tied in individually around the tube. I think they'll work great over summer, both for salmon and seatrout, fished deep and shallow, slow and fast.

I first saw the pattern some months ago tied by Jimmi Bindesbøll from Korsholm, a large Danish tackle shop. I'm not sure if he actually invented it, but maybe so? Anyway, at an arrangement at Korsholm's a few weeks ago, a couple of tiers were tying them, and I got hold of some amherst tails in different colors.

Simple fly, really:
Tube: Guideline FITS no. 1 and 3, orange for the black fly, yellow for the wellow fly. Innertube black.
Tag: Mirage Tinsel.
Body - rear half: Silver FlatBraid on black fly, gold on yellow fly.
Body - front half: Salmo Supreme Dub - Midnight Black on black fly, yellow on yellow fly.
Spey hackle: Amherst pheasant tail fibres in color to suit.
Fronthackles: Two spey-like hackles from the back patch of a ringneck pheasant, one of front of the other and one slightly shorter than the other. Finish off with a mini marabou hackle.
Head: Guideline FITS Turbo Cone in color to suit.

Now for some more variants - I need some with plastic coneheads for night fishing in all black and a few more :-)

Edited by Viking Lars

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