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Bean Bag

Here's a quick, and terribly bad, shot of my DSLR with the beanbag. The bean bag isn't really a bean bag as it's filled with rice. But the idea is that eight separate compartments (2x4) can be folded both length-wise and on top of eachother, so to speak, to support the camera in virtually any position.

Ideally, I think the compartments should be a little bigger so the camerabody itself also rests on rice, rather than standing on rock, sand or whatever. If I want to raise the lens higher, I can fold the bag lengthwise first though, and I might stay with this design.

An ideal evolution could be that each compartment wasn't closed permanently, so that when travelling, the compartments could be emptied and then filled with beans, rice, sand - whatever, upon arrival!

If anyone has good ideas or designs, I'll be glad for hear them!

Edited by Viking Lars

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