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Picture of the Day

This would be as poorly as I've fished all season:

Bob and Carl head upstream, I drop downstream three runs. At the bottom I spot a fish cruising a small back eddy/backwater which I hook briefly and lose. Fuck. I throw at another fish, cruising the same hole, but he stops and I'm forced to let the dry/nymph swim down and across with the current. The fish takes but it's complicated and when I strike he's not there... This is not a good start.
Hitting a backwater, which is coloured, I see a shadow - fish landed of three and a half, on the nymph, which makes for the trees. OK I'm on the board. I hate losing the first fish, to lose the first two fish is bad news, but I'm level headed again.
I follow a high bank looking for trout in discoloured water, spooking two before I find one facing the wrong way. Two shots and spooked with the rod tip. I'm fishing like crap and the magic is not happening, I wonder how Bob and Carl are faring?
Another back eddy and I'm looking hard and end up throwing under the cut. Nothing. Then I see him, and make the throw - it's over driftwood branches so it's one shot and you're out. The fish refuses so I'm out the picture and my flies are in the branches. I'm not thrilled.
Spook one in shallow water - the light sucks. Then a fish rises; I cover, but he's not there and on lifting goes for the fly - another fuckup.
I switch to a visible dry and miss/lose three fish in a run (one lost, two pricked). Now I'm trying to save the day.
Further up I lose a very small fish at the bank. It's nearly dark now.
Olive Woolly Bugger back downsteam again and in a back eddy I get busted on a good fish... Aaarggh!

At this point it looks like I'm going to be Drinks Bitch - there is nothing worse in the world than being Drinks Bitch, but neither Carl or Bob landed so the evening wasn't a compete loss after all.
I hope I'm not going into a slump and it was just the way the fish were taking.

PS these are some of Viking Lars' wonderful flies! Thanks Lars!

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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