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Orla says: "After much tuition, constant reassurance (!) and very little pressure I finally caught a fish!! Winner! Ronan and I went out looking for 'greedy rainbows from riffily runs' and sure enough that's what we found!!! Ronan spotted a likely candidate, I cast, three times, and as the old saying goes, third time lucky, he took my nymph. Class! Played him for a bit and Ronan netted my 3lb rainbow, delighted, jumpy little fecker near jumped out of hands!! Obligatory photo and away he went on his merry way, I danced my 'I caught a fish' dance the rest of the day!! Best day fishing EVER!!!!!"

I pick up seven fish and Ronan picks up four (I'm surprised Orla didn't catch more than Ronan). I think we'd have all caught more had Ronan not kept us up all night eating carrots and drinking beer.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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