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It was blowing somewhere between Buggary and 40 Bastards on the Beaufort Scale, so instead of fishing the flats we'd "planned" upon, where there was now surf, on a lake, we seeked solice on a smaller lake, one more sheltered from the hurricane that was ensuing all around. And it was tough: few shots, poor viz, fast cruisers (don't ask me why because I don't know) and no risers. However, it wasn't a total loss, one cracking 3lb rainbow on the slime line and a wonderful 4lb brown on a small suspender six inches from the bank. I fell over chasing after the second fish, which Ronan found amusing. Ronan's a bit weird like that, in fact it runs in the family.
And then, not to be outdone by the weather, because we're tough, which was now raining, we night fished one of my secret spots and caught one monster brown trout - the one you can see cunning positioned beneath the sponsored product placement.
It's 7am, the weather looks good and I'm off to bed. Typical.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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