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Monday - Images from Mystery Lake X

I'm jumping a few days here so I can catch up to where I am and go fishing tomorrow; it's much easier constructing these PoDs the day they happen and not a week later. We had four days of rain, three of which were torrential. The rivers flooded out but the lake still fished well, despite rising by three feet.
Normally when the lake level rises I don't fare very well, but as the lake came up the fished moved in. New Zealand is not like lake fishing in the UK. The fish feed and are active for most of the day in shallow water. Brown trout in particular roam the shallows - or flats - water of between six inches and three feet deep. And so we stalk them. It can be extremely difficult to catch fish in six inches of water, hard on the bank. But it's great fun and edgy fishing. The fish on these particular flats we fished were all brown trout averaging between three and five pounds. They were spooky but would take wet flies fished either on the drop or slowly twitched. I had a couple of ten-fish days on the flats which is good going when they're playing hard - and besides you always lose a bunch round sunk trees and miss others when you fuckup, so the day's pretty action-full.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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