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Saturday - Images from Mystery Lake X

Yes another exciting fun packed day on Sexyloops! How is your day today? Are you getting any exciting action?
So we're back to the fishing - or "fushing" as they call it here in New Zealand. This was a great day! Six fush out the lake and six fush out the river. That's twelve fush altogether. The day went: fush, fush, fush, fush, fush, fush - river - fush, fush, fush, fush, fush, fush.
Fushing well, but could have had more fush out the lake and realised that I really needed wets. Lucky for us we had tying kits and so set to work...
It still hasn't rained yet but something tells me that may all be about to change.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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