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Friday - Images from Mystery Lake X

So anyway, to recap - just for Deano - the first three fish landed, were seven pounds, six pounds [brown] and eight and a half.
The next fish was only three and a bit, but the one after that was five and a half. And an eel tried to eat that one. I've never had an eel try to eat a trout while I'm fighting it - follow it around the pool, yes, plenty of times. But grab hold of it and try to eat it, no. So I landed that too. And then had a fight with it. I bashed it repeatedly with the rod butt until it let go of my fish. Then, in the next pool, I hooked and landed an eel fair and square. I'm not sure why I did it really; I hooked and landed an eel a couple of seasons ago and immediately decided that I wouldn't do it again. Not ever. But I must have forgotten this because I saw the eel and cast to it anyway. Eels are quite ugly, fight weird, and although admittedly are amongst the most amazing creatures on the planet you don't really want to catch them. At least not if you've done it before. Since this eel-grabbing-trout episode last week, I've noticed some fish scarred in the same place. Just goes to show... Anyway, back to the first three fish...

PS you'll notice how much younger I look now that I'm older. This is of course one of the benefits derived from a life devoted to flyfishing, sex and drinking.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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