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Back on one of my favourite midsummer night spots. It was a very dark night tonight and at one point I almost spooked myself. That happens.
It was wet too - all the local rivers are flooded - this particular river is lake fed however and rarely colours up. Best sedge hatch I've seen so far this year. Big sedges: many of them size 10.
But it was a bit strange for although I landed a dozen fish, ten of them were rainbows. Many of which I found in places where I'd expect to find browns - ie in very shallow and quite slow water, right next to the bank.
The eels were out and came over to investigate a few times. I don't like eels. I know they're amazing, have the highest sense of smell/taste of any living creature, live to be over 100, have never been found with eggs and have an incredible life story, but when you have a twenty pound eel swimming between your legs you tend to forget these things. I've seen freshwater eels over thirty pounds in this country.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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