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So I've started making bread. I've been meaning to make bread for a while because I think it can be better. For one thing most bread is fluffy and soft. Woman's bread. German's don't make their bread fluffy and soft and everyone knows they make good bread. I've taken it further.
I also like a good crust. You can't see it from this angle but this bread has a serious crust on the back. Chewy, dark crust. Just the way it should.
But good bread making is not just about texture, or campfire aromas, it's also about taste. This bread tastes like crap. So it was a bit of a fuckup.
Anyway, I seem to be getting back to my working through the night, getting up late morning, fishing evenings through to 1am routine - and then eating dinner - which is what I live for. It may sound unsociable, and it is, but I landed 15 fish on dries in the dark before the moon killed the rise. Best fish slightly over four pounds. Plenty over three. I love this kind of fishing; dry fly in the dark, rising fish, sore teeth. I would have landed more but for the hooks straightening. I must use some heavier hooks for these fish.
Nice hatch of duns by the way, some sedges around too. Sometimes it's difficult to know what they're on since both are large and the current swift. So I just use both, with an Invicta on the point, and leave it up to the fish.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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