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I'm sitting outside next to a campfire. Most of these pods are constructed in this way. I'm shagged but still have the Vortex to write. That's OK I enjoy both.

-- Ha! Fell asleep next to the fire and then again in the front seat of the car. Completely shagged out - but hey that's fishing. It's morning now and I'm semi-comatose - but hey that's mornings. So anyway....

Fished 10K of river, dropped a car 10K up the road (clocked it) while Guy went hunting Bambi. There's sod all fish in this river. I landed two and spooked two others. Fished perfect dream water, water where fish should have been stacked up - and nada. A stable backcountry river, the only problem is that a road runs alongside with good access. So I guess the meat hunters have been in. It's kind of weird really: many Kiwi anglers, including flyfishermen, are meat hunters after a "good feed". The irony is that they also complain that the "fishing's not as good as it once was". No shit. When you have a stretch of river capable of containing around 40 good fish, it doesn't take too many years to empty the place. Backcountry rivers should really be catch and release. This is probably the best flyfishing in the world. It's not about a "good feed"; it's about great fishing. You can put a value on a "good feed". Great fishing is priceless.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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