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Bit of a weird day today; GPRS card crapped out and had to go on a mission to pick up a new one. Consequently I had around 5 hrs of driving and only a couple for fishing. Anyway...

I arrive at a nice lake and start off downwind around some willows - which I figured don't get flyfished too often since you have to roll cast. Nada. So I quickly move upwind and in extremely shallow water I find fish. The water is six inches to a foot deep and the fish are cruising well within one rod length of the bank. Many of them are right on the shoreline. The fish are spooky and I'm standing back from the edge.
Back in the old days - well, over ten years ago - my standard NZ lake approach was a greased-up 4X 10LS Muddler on the top and #8 heavily leaded damsel nymph on the point. That would work all season and it rarely does now. Now my standard approach is a couple of scruffy reservoir seal's fur nymphs on the droppers (#12-14) and an unleaded damsel on the point - either fished slowly or, if the fish have been targeted, on the drop. The damsel spooked fish so I switched to three dries.
I may write yet another Vortex on reservoir dries at some point.
I landed six including some fabulously conditioned three and a half pounders. The smallest was around two pounds. This was wonderful fishing. I love fishing dries into the dark on lakes, in fact this is what I know best.
I'll hit this place again; if the wind hadn't changed I reckon I'd have continued to catch well into the night.
Guy went Kahawai fishing. I join him tomorrow.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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