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Well the bad news is that I saw Didymo [rock snot] for the first time today. My boots are currently soaking in an Esky full of Napisan. Do you know what an Esky is? You should clean your boots every time you change catchment or drive upstream. My cleaning station is a permanent feature of the car, being in fact part of my bed. I'll post some pics tomorrow.
It was windy today - it's always windy in New Zealand - and I was heading South to Hawea to fish with Carl for the weekend. Dropped into a flat which was discolouring. Picked up thee and dropped a couple - I do like the term "dropped" - so much better than lost, right?
Didn't see many but didn't expect to either. Pretty flats fish, all three to four pounds.
There's a rivermouth here and the water braids. While there were fish in the braids they had already been fished over - you can tell. However in one of the braids I came across a number - seven I think - of good size brown trout ranging from perhaps 4 to 7 lbs, in the thinnest water imaginable. Maybe two feet across and eighteen inches deep. I didn't catch them but I did manage to spook them all, which made me feel better.
Dropped another couple of fish before driving the couple of hours south, to another river - one with a well-known and spectacular sedge hatch.
The hatch lasted all of two and a half minutes, in which time I landed one and dropped two. I'm getting good at losing fish at the moment. I've switched from Deano's XP6 to the TCR6 which I'm still feeling my way through (Deano will be pleased).

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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