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Carl asked me last week if I ever got lonely.
No, never. There's no such thing as loneliness, only emptiness. I know people who think they are lonely despite being surrounded by people. There's no such thing as emptiness in the outdoors. There's solitude of course, but that's different. That's my time. Time for me to think and fish and chill. These are special moments.
If more people would spend time alone there'd be less troubles in the world.
Bizarre question.
Women may come and go, but the eternal campfire within rages on.
Had a fantastic day today, not many fish, only four in fact - and one of those fell through a hole in the net.
I'm sitting beneath the stars, listening to the sounds of the night, the fire crackling beside me. This is how it is to be alive.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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