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Shagged tippet

Well I don't know if my tippet is shagged or not, well not for a while anyway. Anyhow my leader's buggered. I guess it's all those river crossings. Managed to get smashed on two strikes this morning - and I really don't like leaving flies in fish. So off I went to the nearest town to buy some more. Losing confidence in your strike really sucks.
So I've taken the opportunity to step up to 7lbs (I was fishing 6). I shifted over to a different river, another glacier coloured water - amazingly I used to skip glacier run-offs, big mistake that one.
This fish is six and half - again. They're all six and a half pounds in New Zealand. In fact it may even be the same fish following me around. That's not surprising of course, since once you've seen my flies you'll want nothing else. That's because they're magic flies. Especially the green one.
Boots are good; only fell in once today.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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