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Chris Dore is more disorganised than Sexyloops.

Today I was supposed to be helping mate Chris Dore teach some children, but he gave me the wrong week. That's the sort of chaos I have to put up with my friends. There was me thinking I was a couple of hours late when in fact I was one week early.
Fact: don't let either Chris Dore or Bob Wyatt try to organise anything. I would love for those two to try to fish together....
Chris, "Bob, where were you?"
Bob, "When?"
Chris, "Today, weren't we supposed to be fishing?"
Bob, "No, I don't think so... hey I have a good idea, let's fish next week!"
Next week:
Bob, "I'm sorry, Chris, I completely forgot."
Chris, "Forgot what, man?
Bob, "Why, weren't we supposed to be fishing yesterday?"
Chris, "No I don't think so, hey I have a good idea..."
So anyway I only managed to hit the river, via a lake, around 5pm. I know! What sort of fishing trip is that? That's the sort of fishing trip you get if you let Chris organise anything. And I fished a river with only two fish - not the ones I caught - I caught those from the lake. But two rainbows, one was a bit slabby, in fact they were all a bit slabby. And the lake fish were a bit small. I would have fished elsewhere normally but there wasn't enough time left to fish anywhere decent after Chris got involved with my day like that.
I don't blame him; it's not his fault he's an arse and can't tell one week from the next.
Interestingly the first lake fish was caught in crystal clear water and I saw him biting weed during the fight. There was only one strand and he was biting it. I've never seen fish biting weed before and thought it was a myth.
So the day wasn't a complete loss after all.
Oh and you'll notice that the subsurface shot hasn't been very well merged. This is Chris' fault too.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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