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On the lakes...

It was windy as hell today so instead of chancing the high country, Bumcast and I spent a wet and windy evening on a Central lake. It always surprises me how little the lakes are fished here in NZ. Maybe it's the American influence. Whatever, NZ has some of the best lake sight fishing in the world. On this particular lake the average size of lake edge brown trout is around three to four pounds and they are wonderful to stalk. This is perhaps my favourite fishing method.
However, today we had poor vis and so fished blind. Caught a couple of small rainbows around two pounds, which surprised me, and a couple of browns, including one of just over three pounds, which put Carl on "drinks bitch". Carl was so happy to become "drinks bitch" that he started juggling potatoes. He was also Head Chef for the evening. He's good with potatoes.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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