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When the weather sucks

I've been going hard recently and so when I woke up to rain I promptly went back to sleep. It's possible to fish in the rain but too risky on the river I'd planned. There's a crossing involved to get there and if the river floods I'd be stuck. Many years ago I managed to get "stuck" for eight days in the backcountry, so lesson learned. I put in a few hours, of course. Days like this are when you want to be huddled up in front of a log fire, in a hut somewhere, tying flies. But I don't have a hut; I have a car. So instead I went fishing. Landed a small fish of three and a half and then had an interesting few minutes when I lost one (through bullying it), broke one and pinged one - all in the same place. Whether it was one, two or three fish I have no idea. I suspect it was two, but you never know.
Later on I had a throw in a place where I know there's some BIG fish. I hooked one briefly on a Tandem Bunny. If you'd seen my Tandem Bunny you'd be amazed that I didn't land the fish, but I think the rabbit is wrapping around the hook bend, so I'll be tying some up with marabou tonight.
I'm pretty sure this fish is a trophy - in fact there are three possible trophy fish here within 400 yards of each other. I plan to land them all but just one would be nice.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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